JLUCast 8 Image Gallery

Images from "Fury" Part 1

The Injustice Gang returns...for the first time! Plus...Tsukuri!

"Amazons don't steal, and NEVER leave the Island. Never! No, really. I swear!"

Aresia and her chest of gold...both of them.

This image is strongly symbolic of Season 1.

Poor Aresia. No wonder she's messed up. Geez.

Bulle...er...arrows and bracelets!

No honor among super-villains?

Batman outlasted Superman. Really guys? C'mon.

Is Star Sapphire having second thoughts on her leader's plan?

The real heroes save the day. No supers required.

Electricity is EVIL!!!

The boys have reverse-cooties!

Sapphire goes for a ride!

Hippolyta reveals that Aresia owes her life to one good man.

Wonder Woman just keeps pummeling her sister...

...while Hawkgirl gets the job done!

Aresia meets her original fate, perishing at sea.

Flash is a pig. The end.


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