JLUCast 9 Image Gallery

Images and clips from "Legends" Part 1 & 2


The following gifs were generously created by Xum to illustrate the great animation in these episodes!




Scenes from "Legends" Part 1

Flash vibrates them to "Earth-Two" as it should be!

J'onn has a psychic attack of horrible devastation...and doesn't bother to tell anyone.

Tom Turbine makes quite the entrance, squinty eyes and all!

Flash is...puzzled? Put out by Tom's corny motto? You decide!

Believe it or not...Green Guardsman makes ring constructs! And Xum squees in delight!

J'onn pulls a disappearing act on Black Siren and Catman.

Speedsters of Two Worlds!

Flash saves Ray...which if you think about the ending, is weird. He endangered himself? To get the heroes to make friendly? And where are Streak's goggles?

The Fastest Man Alive...with a limp!!!

Meet the Injustice Guild! Music Master! NOT Meister!

The Sports Man, who dresses like a 4 year old!

Dr. Blizzard, and his head mirror-thingee of doom!

The barely-named Sir Swami, and his sweet Green Guardsman action figure. Hey Swami, can you make me a Cat Man?

The Leaguers are made honorary Guild members! With all the benefits and honors, including swanky plastic decoder rings!

J'onn questions endangering Ray, but Cat Man is completely cool with taking a powerless pre-teen into battle!

Hawkgirl cares not for aviation antiques!!!


Flash and Black Siren are frozen solid! Then somehow thawed, and refrozen in totally different positions!

J'onn gets another painful image of Seabord City destroyed...

The Justice Guild...dead?

Images from "Legends" Part 2

See, we told you they would be in different positions!

"Let Justice Prevail!"

GL roughs up an ice cream man who is far more afraid of someone else...

The shocking truth begins to become clear...

"Cat God" defeats the villains single-handedly!

Flash's wings aren't just for decoration anymore!

John becomes a different hero: Captain Bringdown

Ray's true form revealed!

Ray attempts to kill GL for destroying his world.

The Guild chooses to sacrifice their existence...again.

With one last battle cry, they leap into action.

Dog pile on the mutant!

The heroes vanish back into the void...

...and the true Seaboard City is revealed.

The survivors are now free to rebuild, and the League can leave relatively guilt-free.

The convenient way home!

Hawkgirl consoles a melancholy Green Lantern.

A fine tribute to the co-creator of the JSA and the League.

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