JLUCast Dead Reckoning

FW All-Star Shawn M. Myers joins Chris and Cindy to discuss the DCAU debut of one of his favorite characters, Deadman! This episode takes us from far-off Nanda Parbat, to the hidden civilization of Gorilla City, where Grodd unleashes his master plan to make a monkey out of the entire world! Will Boston Brand be able to help Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman stop the Legion of Doom in time?

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited “Dead Reckoning”, music by Lolita Ritmanis, and theme by Kristopher Carter.

11 responses to “JLUCast Dead Reckoning

  1. Interesting show, as always. I do have a comic connection that JLU may have been referencing. An Angel and the Ape miniseries from 1991. In that series, by Phil Folio, Grodd attempted to use the power of the Green Glob to turn all of humanity into apes.
    The Green Glob was an obscure concept from the 1960s issues of Strange Adventures. It was basically an, invisible to humans, entity from space. It ran from 1964 to 1966. Not much was explained about it at the time. You could see it under certain lighting, at which time it would appear as a green globular shape. It seemed to act as a sort of cosmic genie, temporarely changing reality, to grant your desires.
    In that 1991series, it was retconned as being a teaching machine invented by the Guardians of the Universe. It would grant your wishes until you learned your lesson, then would return you to reality, hopefully all the wiser.
    Grodd captured the Glob but was unable to stableise the changes. So he decided to use his, now retconned grandson, Sam Simeon as a conduit. Sam helped the Glob transcend its programming, allowing it to permanently change reality and making it one of the most powerful entitys in the DCU. The Glob went off to explore the universe, and to the best of my knowledge, has never been seen again.

    I also find it ironic that certain characters find it hard to believe in magic or flying saucers when every year in the DCU seems to bring another Crisis. Byrne did sort of a joke on that when he was doing his (horrendous) Superman run. Superman was relating his origin to Lois and she replied that she found that hard to believe. Superman asked her,”you mean that I’m an alien?” She replied that was not the part that was unbelievable since Earth had been invaded so many times over the past ten years. She couldn’t believe he was from Kansas. That may have been the first time Smallville was canonised as being in Kansas.

    1. Wow, thanks for the info on the Green Glob! Despite considering myself quite the DC Scholar, I have NEVER heard of this before. I also haven’t read the 90s Angel and the Ape series, despite remembering the Who’s Who entry and seeing the comic in shops at the time. It very may well have influenced this episode!

      I find it interesting you called Byrne’s run “horrendous”. That’s an opinion I haven’t run into very often in my comic travels. But everyone is entitled to like or dislike what they want. Thanks for liking JLUCast enough to listen, and comment!

  2. Great episode guys!

    I agree with Shawn, an animated anthology DC show would have been amazing, but I get why they never did it–SO much more work every week. I never knew that it was even considered, now I want to track down that still of GA and Speedy that Chris mentioned.

    While I heartily congratulate the Franklins on their impending grandparenthood, I was dismayed to hear it might be interfere with their podcasting release schedule. Just want it noted for the record I got married, went on a honeymoon, AND moved to Florida and didn’t miss any shows. House of Franklinstein is too vital to the network (nay, the world) to miss!

    1. I searched high and low for any reference to that DCU show online, and found NOTHING. Maybe I dreamed the whole thing, but I SWEAR I saw an image of an animated Green Arrow and Speedy in their classic George Papp form from Wizard or a similar mag, mid-90s.

      Don’t worry, the HOF will be open in September! We’re just working ahead to make sure we don’t miss an episode!

  3. also ON the violence once you have a murdered ghost possesing people you GET to kill Devil ray! You could have gotten away with killig grod any time. Hes an ape. We kinda like him but stricty by the rules he’s an ape

  4. Funny that someone mentioned the early-’90s Angel and the Ape miniseries: I was reminded of it while listening to this episode, but for different reasons. You talk about the creepy factor of Tala being romantic with Grodd, and I remember a subplot of that miniseries in which Angel’s sister (Dumb Bunny of the Inferior 5) has a crush on Sam Simeon. Angel tells her she can’t date Sam, and Bunny doesn’t understand why (“Is he gay?” she asks). Angel tells her he’s an ape; she says she hadn’t noticed. Dumb Bunny indeed.

    The idea of someone in the DC Universe not believing in magic was explored in James Robinson’s Starman series. Ted Knight, the original Starman, said something like he felt magic is just some strange form of energy, although his dealings with people like Dr. Fate, the Spectre, and (in one particular flashback story) the Demon challenged that theory and led to some soul-searching (no pun intended).

    Congratulations on becoming grandparents. Though aren’t you two around my age? Ugh.

    1. Oh wow, had no idea the Angel and the Ape mini went there!

      I do recall Ted having some difficulty with magic, despite being on a team with two of the most powerful magical heroes ever.

      Yeah, we’re young-ish. But our son is off on his own, in a commited relationship with his fiancee, and has a good job. So it’s all good!

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