JLUCast 2 Image Gallery

Images from Superman: The Animated Series “In Brightest Day”

Kyle Rayner takes Jimmy’s camera back from a familiar thief with “one punch”.

This looks like an Elseworlds waiting to happen, huh?

This happens A LOT in this episode. Just check the Not-So-Superman-Count at the end.

Green Lantern Corps Roll Call!

“It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets, the hose…”, oh wait. “Give me the ring!”

Kyle says the oath. Thousands of fanboys wet themselves.

Hal may not be GL in this timeline, but at least he got one helluva promotion!

I have nothing to say about this. It’s just damn cool.

Super Friends! Yay!

Images from Justice League “In Blackest Night” Parts 1 & 2.


John Shaf…er…Stewart is one bad mutha…shut yo mouth! I’m just talking about Stewart!

Superman goes all Fleischer on the Manhunters!

John breaks up the party.

He gives up his ring!

John’s fellow Lanterns are real jerks. Except for Kilowog.

Red Foreman and Odo is a sitcom I would watch in a heartbeat.

John done blown that planet up REAL good.

Flash defends John before the Kryptonian Council. Or the Quntisons.

Hawkgirl is about to open up a can of Green Whupass.

Chris hates Superman in a spacesuit. But he likes Hawkgirl’s wings.

Manhunter #1 gave up his dreams of revenge and became a successful motivational speaker. You know him as Tony Robbins.


John saves the day like a BOSS.

Even the Guardians know John is the shiznit.

Destroy all robots!

John’s old friends suck…

…but his new crew is alright.


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