JLUCast The Balance

Felix Faust has overthrown Hades, and Wonder Woman and Shayera must go straight to Tartarus to set things right. Will they be able to patch up their broken friendship along the way? Chris and Cindy discuss JLU Season 2 Episode 5, “The Balance”!

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Clips from Justice League Unlimited “The Balance”, music by Lolita Ritmanis, theme by Michael McCuistion. Theme from “Wonder Woman” by Charles Fox.

10 responses to “JLUCast The Balance

  1. According to Who’s Who–Wonder Woman is 5’11”, Hawkwoman is 5’7.”

    I am obsessed with the JLU commissary–who runs it? who makes the food? is it open all the time? is it free? Do the founding members make actual superheroes staff it on a rotating basis, like monitor duty? I really wish they done an entire “bottle” episode just set there. The menu choices must be so diverse, to accommodate the various heroes palates–mutton and mead for Shining Knight, fast food for Barry, barbecue for The Vigilante. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

    I never really noticed how much Juliet Landau as Talia makes me think “Moose and Scvirrel.” Thanks, Chris.

    1. It’s staffed by professionals, but Leaguers can request access to the kitchen if they want to do something special — once they complete the mandatory food safety training class, of course. Full meals are 0600-0830, 1100-1300, 1700-1900, and 2300-0100 (Batman’s paying the bill, so he gets what he wants). Times are US Eastern time, due to the inherent American East Coast bias of the most influential founders. Daylight Savings Time is rejected as the crime against nature that it is (Diana’s words). The line to the left has a choice of two entrees and several sides. One of the entrees is always fish or plant-based. The other side is the grill, with burgers and dogs prepared to order. There’s a salad bar in the middle.

      Sandwich fixings, fruit, pre-packaged snacks, and beverages are available 24-7, including the new Sundollars specialty coffee concession. (Everyone’s really excited about that.). There’s a pasta bar, a taco bar, a baked potato bar, and a hot sundae bar on Fridays, in turn.

      If the month has a fifth Friday, Ollie does chili. He had to take the food safety class twice, though, because he got kicked out of the first one. The head chef is not English first language, but he could tell just by the tone that “crypto-fascist” was an insult.

      The Question is not allowed to take the class. He was not offended and even said he wouldn’t eat anywhere that would allow him in the kitchen.

      1. The cafeteria head chef must be a time-displaced Tenzil Kem from the reboot Legion, or what’s even the point!

  2. Maybe this is obvious while not being explicitly said, but overthinking it, Flash covering for the bad scene in the cafeteria was perhaps less about his own embarrassment, and more trying to avoid concerns of other Leaguers about “bad blood” with two of the founders. So Flash took the hit deliberately, to try and defuse the rumor mill about Diana and Shayera. It probably didn’t work, but as always, his heart was in the right place.

    Does the cafe serve fried oreos? And would that blow J’onn’s mind?!

    Thanks for another great episode, C&C!

    1. I hadn’t thought about Wally doing “damage control” for the team, but I kind of like that. It would be ironic that perhaps the League’s most “non-PC” member in many ways would be stuck in crisis management mode.

      Deep fried Oreos would blow MY mind, let alone J’onn. I don’t need to like those things as much as I do!

  3. Pierre Ménard, Author of the Quixote is my absolute favorite Borges story (who is one of my top writers, I’ve read ALL his short stories). It postulates a madman who decides to rewrite Don Quixote without ever having read it, but not HIS version, no, the SAME book SOMEHOW. And he does this by reliving Cervantes’ life in the modern day, as much as possible. And succeeds.

    What Borges is doing there is then putting a critical eye on this Don Quixote which is the same, but 400 years of literary and world history later, it’s making different points. It’s about interpretation. Why it would be in hell is less about the hellishness, presumably, than an element of books that “don’t exist” (like Sandman’s library, itself an echo of Borges’ own Library of Babel story. It was a deep cut that I certainly appreciated.

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