Justice Society Presents – JSA: Ragnarok


In this special episode of JUSTICE SOCIETY PRESENTS, Rob and Shag talk with legendary comics pro Paul Kupperberg about his new novel JSA: RAGNAROK!

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13 responses to “Justice Society Presents – JSA: Ragnarok

  1. Mr. Kupperberg has a wealth of knowledge on this subject, and it is always great to hear his perspective as both a silver age reader and a Bronze Age writer. I wasn’t aware of this novel. He penned a real solid article over at 13th Dimension of his 13 favorite Multiverse stories, and interestingly mentioned that the seeds were planted all the way back in Barry Allen’s first appearance in Showcase #4! I was wondering though why he referred to the Spectre issue with Wildcat guest starring as an Earth-One/Earth-Two team up, when Spectre told Wildcat they were both Justice Society members?

  2. Swell interview with some great stories. I’m guessing DC put some rigid limitations on the cover, but Daerick Gross did a fabulous job of working around them. The novel sounds like the sort of thing I’d be interested in.

    Of course I knew the answer to Shag’s Wildcat/Wonder Woman question before he’d finished asking it.

  3. Well done, gentlemen! I love these interview shows where you talk with comic professionals. Paul is my new favourite interview just based on the Airplane! reference, one of the greatest movies ever made. Though I was waiting for a follow up from Shag, “Tell me, Rob, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?” Sorry, I know this is about Paul and his new book, but now I want an Film and Water episode on Airplane!

    This sounds like a fun book and listening to you two talk to Paul about it makes me want to put it on my to-read list. I’m glad that Paul finally got to release it after hearing about the troubles about getting it to print. I loved hearing Paul talk about the book AND talking about his experiences in comics. I would love to hear a follow up interview about more experiences and anecdotes working for DC (specially during the Bronze Age!).

    This was tons of fun! Keep up the great work!

  4. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. I will have to read this book at some point. Was cool y’all I had Mr. Paul Kupperberg on it. Also funy’all had an add for a Vigilante pod cast in it. Good Synergy Shagg. Though it’s not about the Adrian Chase Vigilante. I rember going to the back issue bins in my teens at my fav Brick and morter store and picking up Mr. Kupperberg’s run. They were quite good. Though the ending was a bit depressing, but it fit the character. He also used Bullock well in that comic. HHm, maybe next time y’all do the RPG pod cast, y’all can talk about his Doom Patrol source book. Can’t wait to hear the next pod cat.

  5. I am a big fan of Geoff Johns’ JSA series, so this book is going on my birthday wish list. It was great to have the author himself, Mr. Paul Kupperberg, on the episode. His insights into his own writing process were fascinating, and his easy back-and-forth with Rob and Shag was extremely entertaining.

    This series has started out strong, and I’m looking forward to future episodes. Thank you.

  6. It’s always an extra treat when an episode features an interview with a creator, and this one did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed Paul’s commentary and insights.
    Otherwise, I rather recently read one of those novels of his that he dissed in the show, Spider-man: Crime Campaign. While I’d agree that it’s not a book that will set the literary world on fire, I found it enjoyable enough. And I think it could have worked really well if it was adapted into an annual.

    And finally, I have to say, I’ll be very disappointed if the network doesn’t launch a new show, sort of a companion to Film & Water, in which Rob and Paul discuss gladiator movies.

    1. Well, I still intend to read, but there’s a snag. Barnes and Noble doesn’t have a listing for the book. Even when I search the ISBN. Only Amazon. I’d really prefer to read this on my Nook. Yes, I could always use a Kindle app, but I’m pretty insistent on supporting non-Kindle options whenever possible.

  7. I got my autographed copy when it first came out but it was in my Must Read pile until just recently. Honestly, I was not enthusiastic about it because I was NOT a fan of the Roy Thomas “Last Days of the JSA” story I thought it was based on. Then this podcast came out and I knew I had to read it before listening…..and I’m very glad I did!


    It’s NOT the Roy Thomas story (Thank Odin). That’s a huge point in its favor. More importantly, as Rob and Paul pointed out, its chock-full of “moments” that makes the story sing. I echo loving the Sandman and Sandy moment on Coney Island. I loved the extended POV of the modern Mr. Terrific. I loved the extended bits with Jay Garrick. I loved the Wildcat & Wonder Woman team-up. And most surprisingly of all, I loved the extended character bits with the INJustice Society, especially the Wizard in post-war UK. It gave him a bit of personality that I never thought he had. Likewise the way Paul handled the Fiddler, the Tigress, and the even the Nazis. Very, very good book!

    Thanks, guys, for getting Paul to come on and talk about it. The conversation was fun, AND entertaining. Can’t ask for more than that. 🙂

  8. First of all, I had no idea of this book being out there. I would have loved to have bought it back in 2005 – what damn shame the Publisher went bust. So I will be seeking out a copy to read soon… after I get through a re-read of some of the All Star Squadron.

    As to the interview itself, it didn’t feel like an interview it felt like a conversation which is often far more entertaining and often illuminating.

    Kudos to all involved.

    I shall now return to my regular scheduled JLI Bwah-ha-ha Podcast listening.

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