FW Presents: Kung Fu Friday Jackie Chan Double Feature!

Fire and Water Presents the third episode of Kung Fu Friday, a podcast that hopes to make you discover the great films of Asian Action Cinema. Siskoid and Pulp2Pixels’ Dr. G, Man of Nerdology, tackle true action icon Jackie Chan, covering some of his greatest hits, Rumble in the Bronx (1994) and Police Story (1985). Plus, the Move of the Week and our recommendations for further viewing!

Listen to Kung Fu Friday below; relevant scenes and trailers at: KFF Supplemental

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5 responses to “FW Presents: Kung Fu Friday Jackie Chan Double Feature!

  1. Wonderful episode, gentlemen. I consider Jackie Chan to be my gateway drug to kung fu movies. I first discovered him on the shelves of my local video store, but I don’t recall which of his movies I saw first. It was probably either Rumble in the Bronx or Operation Condor. Either way, I was blown away by the creative nature of his physicality. Rush Hour was the first of his films that I actually saw in a theater. And, yes, I was a fan of the Jackie Chan Adventures animated series. It was a treat to stroll down memory lane with you and these films.

  2. I used to be very into martial arts films but fell out of it about a decade or go. Back in my 20s I used to watch these all the time. This show has really reignited my interest and got me digging out my old dvds. Especially loved your last two episodes covering Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Keep it up!

  3. Great episode! Like Brian Linton, my first Jackie Chan film was Rumble in the Bronx and my first in a theater was Rush Hour. I apologize if I missed it, but did you fellows touch on Jackie’s stated influence of Buster Keaton? The sheer inventiveness of the fight choreography makes Chan a master, above and beyond the martial artistry.

  4. Great show fellas. My exposure to martial arts films is limited to mostly western releases, so I’ve seen a good chunk of Jackie Chan’s Hollywood career, and the few imports they brought over early on. His affable “avoiding conflict” style makes him just so darn likeable, and then there’s the fact that you know HE’S REALLY DOING ALL OF THAT CRAZY STUFF!!!

    My son really enjoyed the “Jackie Chan Adventures” animated series when he was very young. He liked it so much he mistook a waiter at a Chinese restaurant for Chan….but luckily the waiter took the comparison as a compliment, and didn’t think of us as a family of white rednecks being insensitive!

    I really liked the first Rush Hour too. I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle Chris Tucker in The Fifth Element, but he and Chan have such fun chemistry in those films, especially the original.


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