Let’s Roll #19 Supplemental

Here are some images relevant to this episode of Let's Roll:

GURPS Greece by Jon F. Zeigler, cover by Jeff Koke.

The two characters' sheets:

The simple Soundtrack to GURPS Greece was:
1. The Mandalorian - Ludwig Goransson (Main Theme)
2. The Wasps Overture - Ralph Vaughan Williams (Adventure Theme)

The three first editions of GURPS Space:

GURPS Space was designed by Steve Jackson and William Barton, with many contributions over the years. Cover art by Michael Goodwin (1st), Alan Gutierrez (2nd) and Vincent Difate (3rd).

The two characters' sheets:

Their spaceship, "The Clover":

Paradise Space Station, and some of the other stations and ships that appeared in the game:

The soundtrack is available as a YouTube playlist HERE and includes:
3. Suspension - Kipp Lennon and Stu Phillips (Main Theme)
4. Red Flight - Dee D. Jackson (Ace Theme)
5. Blood And Rockets: Movement I, Saga Of Jack Parsons - The Claypool Lennon Delirium (Willie Jay's Theme)
6. Automatic Lover - Dee D. Jackson (Ace & Simone)
7. Pink Martini - Pomplamousse (Simone's set)
8. Chanson sur ma drôle de vie -  Pomplamousse (Simone's set)
9. Je me suis fait tout petit - Pomplamousse (Simone's set)
10. Comment te dire adieu - Pomplamousse (Simone's set)
11. Something Kinda Funky - Stu Phillips (Casino ambiance)
12. Die Roboter - Kraftwerk (Evil Droid Theme)
13. Space 1999 Theme - Barry Gray (Setting off on a mission)
14. Cosmic Curves - Dee D. Jackson (Lupita's Theme)
15. Galaxy Police - Dee D. Jackson (Bonus Track - Jonathan's Theme)

Credits: Community's "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons", starring Jonathan Banks, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, and Joel McHale; "The Mandalorian Theme" by Ludwig Göransson; "The Wasps Overture" by Ralph Vaughan Williams; "Space: 1999 Theme" by Barry Gray and Vic Elmes; "Automatic Lover", "Red Flight" and "Galaxy Police" by Dee D. Jackson; "Suspension (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Theme)" by Kipp Lennon and Stu Phillips; and the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon's "Day of the Dungeon Master", starring Don Most and Sidney Miller.

All ready? Let's roll!