Let’s Roll #9 Supplemental

Here are some images relevant to this episode of Let's Roll:

GURPS Mars by James L. Cambias, cover art by Christopher Shy, interior art by Paul Daly. Here's the back copy:

The adventure the author couldn't fit into the page count can be found at Pyramid Online and is compatible with all four Marses you can explore (art on the lower two frustratingly switched).

The character sheets:

Now for GURPS Ice Age by Kirk Wilson Tate:

Cover art by Guy Burchak; interiors by Donna Barr. What you get:

Some of that Donna Barr art:

The character sheets:

The custom CD for these chapters (and indeed, the next two).

The soundtrack is available as a YouTube playlist HERE and includes:

1. Total Recall Theme (Mars Theme)
2. Lovely Day - Pixies (Ace & Simone)
3. The Navajo Know - Pixies (Jonathan's Theme)
4. Planet of Sound - Pixies (Willie's Theme)
5. Gigantic - Pixies (Simone's karaoke)
6. Distance Equals Rate Times Time - Pixies (Travel Theme)
7. Timini - Fatala (Ice Age Theme)
8. Kara Mogo Mousso - Farafina (Danger Theme)

Credits: Community's "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons", starring Jonathan Banks, Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, and Joel McHale; "The Dream" from the Total Recall soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith; "Timini" by Fatala; the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon's "Day of the Dungeon Master", starring Don Most and Sidney Miller; and "Excalibur Theme" by Trevor Jones; and "Kara Mogo Mousso" by Farafina.

All ready? Let's roll!