The Lonely Hearts Ep.8 Supplemental

Here are the relevant images from this episode of The Lonely Hearts Romance Comics Podcast!

This is a gorgeous comic from the cover... the interiors. Here are some of our favorite bits, as discussed during the 'cast. The sexy page where we very much go back in time with Kathy Harwood:

Thunder crashes as the lovers share a first kiss:

The red pantsuit. And an unfortunate place to abort a word:

Suspense as Kathy hears Lorenzo's voice for the first time:

Past and present separate again in the issue's closing moments:

Oh very well, here's the Raquel Welsh pillow Bass and Furn were drooling over. Sigh.

Further credits :
"Comic Book Romance" (Theme for Lonely Hearts Podcast) by Johnny and the Jokers.

"Here's to the Losers" (End theme for Lonely Hearts Podcast) by James (Vic Fontaine) Darren.

Relevant teaser clip from "Crimson Peak" by Guillermo del Toro, starring Tom Hiddleston

Additional audio:
Romance Comics Theatre Music: "Dark Whispers" by Brandon Fietcher

Bonus clips from: "Medieval Madness Pinball" game designed by Brian Eddy; "Foxy Brown" by Jack Hill, starring Pam Grier; "On Sale Now" by Daniel May; "Longstreet", words by Bruce Lee.

Thunderclap shtick stolen from: Ryan Daly over at the Secret Origins Podcast.

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