M*A*S*HCast #34 – The Sniper

M*A*S*HCast -  Season 2, Episode 10: The Sniper

Special Guest Star: Sean Ross

Air Date: November 17, 1973

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Theme music by Johnny Mandel

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9 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #34 – The Sniper

  1. Loved the podcast and the episode THE SNIPER. Always enjoy when Frank always fails to live up to his own gung ho attitude.

    Also, i couldn’t quite make itnout but what is the podcat which discusses WHAT IF comics from Marvel?

  2. A couple of comments.

    1) There are folks who pace themselves through medical school. Usually that means they say they will go through all the classes and clinical experiences more slowly, finishing in a longer period of time with a lighter workload. But back in the 50s, I doubt you could keep failing at classes and not be kicked out. I suppose if you kept changing med schools and kept justifying a new shot, that could work. But unlikely. And even then, to then get into a surgical residency after such a dismal school performance is even more unlikely.

    2) I really love this episode. In particular, I love the scene where Radar risks his life for that sandwich. It is consistent with his character. He traded longjohns for a leg of lamb rather than have a night of passion. He as said ‘are you done with your gristle’ to scoop up someone’s leftovers. Too funny.

    1. From a UK perspective, I’d agree that a student could only get away with a limited degree of failure at Med School before being asked to leave. If you failed the major exams, you might be given 6 months to improve your performance and pass, but after that, there would have to be the most extenuating of circumstances to be permitted to continue.

  3. I have deployment experience from this century, and I think this episode is a good picture of what happens even in a relatively ineffective attack on a military camp. It’s a disruption to the daily routine, and camp residents may end up taking cover, manning the perimeter, and even bonding with people with whom they would not normally interact. It’s a little like a zombie movie in that respect.

    And funny things really do happen. I’ve seen a middle-aged, out of shape, defense contractor veteran standing guard with body armor and an M4 rifle. He had a stunned look on his face that told every passerby that he had thought this part of his life was over. I’ve cracked jokes in the bunker to relieve the tension and asked people questions from a trivia app to pass the time. Once, shortly after arrival in country, I heard booms and gunfire in the distance. I then saw a couple two-stripers take off at top speed. I figured they must know what to do, since they’d been there longer than I had, so I ran after them. It turned out they DID knew exactly what to do — head to the barracks. The next call on the PA system was “shelter in place,” and they wanted to be where they had snacks and wifi before the camp went on lockdown.

  4. Have you noticed how bad of a shot that snipers and sharp shooters were in this series? There were many episodes where North Korean snipers shoot at cast members and they always miss (thankfully). And the sharp shooters from the US must have fired 30+ shots resulting in Hawkeye’s statement “I think they got him and a half”. But apparently the only wounds the sniper got were a couple to the trunk and he survived.

    I discovered Teri Garr on the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour (or Cher’s solo show). She was very sweet in the skits. When I saw her in Tootsie I was the only person in my circle who knew her name.

  5. Another enjoyable episode from MASH and a fan favorite as it is one that is played constantly in syndication. On the MFK scale, Teri Garr is on the marry scale. She brightens up any role she is in. Maybe perhaps on a future Film and Water you can talk about Going in Style(1979) which she has a cameo in.

  6. For an episode with a deadly serious premise, it’s hilarious. I’ve always enjoyed it. And Teri Garr. She’s always a joy to see, and worked so well with Alda. Love love love.

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