M*A*S*HCast #58 – There Is Nothing Like A Nurse

M*A*S*HCast –  Season 3, Episode 10: There Is Nothing Like A Nurse

Special Guest Star: Tim English

Air Date: November 12, 1974

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7 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #58 – There Is Nothing Like A Nurse

  1. Thank you for another lively discussion, gentlemen.

    It’s a little thing, but for some reason I get a real kick out of 5 O’Clock Charlie’s return. Am I correct in recalling that this is his last appearance on the show? I would have liked to have seen him reappear in some future seasons, but I imagine that there are only so many ways to work a North Korean bomber into an episode. Regardless, I like to imagine that Charlie continued his air raids throughout the series, but no one at the camp mentions them, because they just became part of the everyday routine.

    Also, I loved Tim’s stories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great stories, Tim! I know many of us listening are especially jealous of your run in with Alan Alda.

    Here are a few of my observations from this episode.
    -The PA announcer says “One hour til the nurses go.” I wonder if that was worded that way purposefully because this episode features 5 O’Clock Charlie. A callback to announcements for his arrival.
    -When Hawkeye kisses Margaret, why don’t the nurses on the truck react to that? They are all shocked when Klinger’s duffel bag falls off the truck.
    -Being as society is hyper sensitive to face touching these days, I can’t help but notice Father Mulchahy touching his forehead after handing Hawkeye the instrument. Shouldn’t he be changing gloves? (At least it wasn’t his nose.)
    -Was that really Larry Linville falling into the foxhole? It was probably a stunt man because that looked dangerous. Whoever it was did a great job.
    -I noticed Radar was never seen drinking it, but Klinger did bring a beer in for him before watching the film.
    -Hawkeye talking about 5 O’Clock Charlie says “He couldn’t hit the side of a war.” Watching his mouth though, the lines don’t match his lips. Maybe the line was changed after the fact.
    -Ever wonder why Frank and Margaret needed the jeep? Where were they going? Obviously they were doing a callback to the wedding film, but I always found it odd.

    All in all a great podcast episode for a great episode of M*A*S*H.

  3. Great discussion as always! I have to give another callout to Hawkeye being crabby with Mulcahy, where this shows how eminently patient Mulcahy is at all times. We’ll eventually see him lose his cool on occasion, but this is what I think of him, which makes him a great priest and Christopher sells so well in his performance. And a great counterpoint to impatient Hawkeye.

    Ok, is Frank’s wife unhappy being married to him? That’s not how it’s come across when Frank has mentioned her. He even said to Margaret in this episode, “The only thing getting me through this is the letters from my wife,” implying that the letters are, ya know, good! So I’m trying to reconcile that with the wedding movie. Is there more to the story about that wedding day that we don’t know? Did their relationship improve afterwards? Or is Frank’s self-esteem and self-image so warped, that he really thinks they have a good marriage, infidelity with Margaret aside? Why am I thinking about this so hard? All questions we may never have answered.

    Thanks for another great episode, and Tim, thanks for those amazing stories!

  4. I enjoyed the stories. It made me feel a little guilty for not liking the Spaulding character. Your encounter with Alda at the restaurant was done well. You didn’t bother him while he was eating and only took a moment of his time while leaving. I am sure he has had plenty of crazies spend an hour asking what happened to his sister.

    The idea of the nurses leaving just seems odd. I mean, they perform an essential task.

    The scenes with Louise and Margaret not letting Frank drive were funny. I get it is probably something you wouldn’t see today. But it is pretty far down on the list of things on MASH that wouldn’t fly today.

    I agree it was nice seeing a slice of Frank’s home life. We saw a movie of Henry earlier and a later episode had Radar’s movie from home with Burghoff playing his mom. Then we saw Peg Hunnicutt for the BJ anniversary episode. I think there was a brief glimpse of Mildred in Potter’s dream.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Great episode of MASH and great podcast.

    Just one comment.
    As I have said other times, my family watched MASH nightly on reruns. I started when relatively young. At one point I asked my older brother ‘What happened to Captain Spaulding?’ He said ‘Loudon Wainwright died of a drug overdose.’

    I don’t know if my brother was pulling my leg or actually thought this. But I took it as gospel, And here we are 3 decades later and I still took it as gospel. I never looked up Loudon Wainwright on the internet.

    So imagine how floored I was hearing that he is alive and well!!

    I almost drove off the road I was so shocked!! This guy I thought has been dead … isn’t!

    1. Well, as a musician, the only other option for dying young is a plane crash, so it’s certainly plausible. I’m telling you, if I made my money making music, I’d stay away from any drug more powerful than aspirin and any aircraft smaller than an A300.

  6. Hi All,

    Thank you to Rob for having me on again. I really enjoyed talk about this episode and telling you and all the listeners my stories with Alan Alda and Louden Wainwright.

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