M*A*S*HCast #60 – A Full Rich Day

M*A*S*HCast –  Season 3, Episode 12: A Full Rich Day

Special Guest Star: Cory Drew

Air Date: December 3, 1974

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Theme music by Johnny Mandel

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14 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #60 – A Full Rich Day

  1. When talking about a person a wag can be one of 3 things that I know of
    A person who talks fast
    A joker
    A person who gossips

    So considering take your pick

  2. You touched on this in your discussion, but it struck me this time around that, even though Hawkeye serves as our narrator, this is really Radar’s “full rich day.” I’d have to do another rewatch, but I think he might be the only character involved in all three of this episode’s story lines. I guess that’s the price one pays for running a MASH unit.

    Thanks for another amazing episode.

    1. Brian, your comment gave me an idea. I wish they had done a parallel episode — the same story, but told from Radar’s perspective. We’d get to see all the trials he deals with while completing Hawkeye or Trapper’s instructions (like falling asleep at the wheel off-screen). There might’ve been too many scenes where they were all together in this one, but it would work for a lot of them. I think Babylon 5 did an episode from the perspective of two maintenance techs that turned out well.

      1. I love it. I could see such an episode as a chance for some of the show’s secondary and tertiary characters to shine as Radar interacts with them while making things happen “behind the scenes.”

        1. That’s a great idea. You could have an episode where Henry or Potter orders Radar to put on some big extravaganza for a visiting VIP. Then we see him dealing with Igor, the cook, Zale, and various nurses.

        1. Yes, yes, and yes. Brian, George, and Sontaron, you’re all drafted to be the core writing staff of MASH: From the Gallery (a working title, to be fixed in marketing research). Mechelle can do more more history research and act as technical advisor. We’ll be more accurate than the original!

          We’ll have to recast entirely, of course, so we’ll get J.J. Abrams to produce. We’ll have new characters and new stories that show adventures that Margaret and the doctors never even knew occurred! But we’ll also show the other sides of stories we know well and characters we never got to know well enough. There were plenty of those, after all. I tell ya, this thing sells itself!

          Rob, you know Hollywood types. Help us out here! Do you want to be a writer or a producer? Or both? We’ll get Alan Brennert to write a couple episodes every season. C’mon, whaddya say, pal?

  3. I don’t recall Hawkeye’s dad being mentioned as a doctor other than the episode where he was sick and Hawkeye and Charles had their discussion.

    And even if he wasn’t a doctor, it always struck me as odd he only read one book and that one book sounds like an odd choice to be the only book he ever read. If he liked it so much he named his son after Natty Bumpo, why didn’t he read more in the series?

    I like the letter home episodes but did we really need a fourth Dear Dad? Trapper only had a partial letter and Henry never wrote home. Gee, I wonder why Wayne and Mac bailed after three seasons. Potter and BJ both wrote home soon after their arrival.

    I know a guy that is big into national anthems. He has recordings of just about every country. He is also a MASH fan and I asked him about this episode once. He said this really was the Luxembourg national anthem.

    Two straight episodes without Hot Lips. I wonder if Swit had something else going on and needed a couple weeks off.

  4. Hey guys,
    Frank Burns never got the kind of treatment Winchester did. But Frank Does get a last episode where he’s just broken. I felt bad for him “I HAD a friend and she just pretended to like me like dad”

  5. I’ve never thought that the Luxembourg national anthem was on a record. It sounds like it’s being played “live”. First, Henry says “Hit it Tony” as if he’s talking to a musician. Second the piano sounds very hollow and slightly out of tune which sounds very much like the piano in the O Club.

    I’m always amazed that Smitty’s injuries are so severe and apparently so visible that Hawkeye can see them as soon as he opens Smitty’s shirt. However the shirt is not ripped or soiled in that area and there is no blood.

    Favorite line — “I’m sorry there’s no band.”

  6. Was Frank able to be somewhat outright cowardly around Smitty because Margaret wasn’t in the episode? She would egg him on in situations like this, so her absence is interesting in that regard.

    The Turk driving Radar back to camp always kills me! And then he happily drives off again. Hilarious!

    Can’t wait for the next promotion of Corey to Lord High Executioner Drew.

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