M*A*S*HCast #119 – Post Op

M*A*S*HCast -  Season 5, Episode 23: Post Op

Special Guest Star: Dr. Anj

Air Date: March 8, 1977

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12 responses to “M*A*S*HCast #119 – Post Op

  1. “How’s your gonorrhea?” and “For Your Thighs Only” made this my all time favorite episode of MASHCast!

    As someone who had a colonoscopy and then had to wait in a post-op room with many other patients with only a small paper curtain between us, let me you that not everyone gets their own room. They don’t tell you that your 40s will be the decade of no dignity, do they?

  2. Great episode (show and podcast), but am I the only one who thought the whole moustache aside was just silly and out of place? Just never seemed to fit. Doesn’t ruin the episode, but seems slightly out of place. Also, I think this episode is an example of how the ensemble has evolved. If this episode was produced during season 1-3, I don’t think you’d see Trapper getting the serious, meaty material that BJ gets here. One of the reasons the show kept getting better, realizing the great resources they had in the actors and using them accordingly. Can’t wait for the finale and season 6! That is all!

  3. For some reason I had almost no memory of this episode, but I definitely enjoyed it. I think my favorite scene is the epilogue when Colonel Potter misremembers everything about Chicago and then says we’ll talk about Detroit tomorrow. As a lifelong Michigan resident I’m proud to say Harry Morgan in real life was actually born in Detroit and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. Anyway that was a very funny scene and overall it was a nice bottle-type of episode.

  4. Looking up Jack Baker’s filmography had me laughing out loud at a couple of the titles. So thanks for that. Interestingly enough, Baker had another (albeit tenuous) MASH connection, in that he appeared on an episode of the McLean Stevenson show!

  5. A question that has always confused me. For example in this episode you have 4 surgeons working 18 hours. However post-op only has between 10 to 12 beds depending on the configuration. In other episodes they say that they worked on hundreds during a shift. Where do they put the remaining wounded who have come directly out of surgery?

  6. Really? You are gonna focus on getting married and going on your honeymoon instead of making a mail bag episode? My man, where are your priorities?
    Kidding, of course – congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Wiiieeee! 🙂

    Thank you for this episode, I really enjoyed it. My favorite scene from “Post Op” is the one with Margaret and the guy making a pass at her.
    I really like that both of them are kind of bored. He just makes a pass at a nurse, because what else is there to do, it’s not like he thought anything would come of it.
    And she just hears lines she has heard lots and lots of times before, but decides to give him a few minutes. I love every time we get to see Margaret interact with patients, and here – maybe sitting with him for a little while will make him feel better and I love that she gives him that. It’s just sweet.

  7. Zorro and Son was a very short-lived early 80s comedy series by Disney, filmed on the same sets used for the original Guy Williams Zorro series. Henry Darrow played the elder Zorro, Don Diego De La Vega, and he had provided the voice for the character in the Filmation Zorro animated series a year or so prior. He later replaced Efrem Zimbalest, Jr. as Diego’s father Alenjandro in the Family Channel Zorro series starring Duncan Regher!

    Aside from Darrow, the series was horrible! Even as a kid, I knew it was bad, and I loved Zorro!

  8. At the VERY beginning of the second act at the 12:22 mark (on the DVD) – as the scene begins, if you watch closely you’ll see that Hilly Hicks
    (Corporal Moody) is saying something to Hawkeye, but his audio is muted!

  9. Another one of my favorites, mostly because I think it feels “real.” During the course of a day all sorts of things happen, and I like how the episode just jumps from character to character until the conclusion.
    I would have loved more of these, “day in the life of the soldiers at MASH” type episodes.

    I didn’t hear it come up, but no Radar or Father Mulcahy, right? I know Gary Burghoff signed a contract stipulating he didn’t have to appear in each episode, but I miss Mulcahy here.

  10. Maybe this was filmed when William Christopher was sick. It seems like an episode where he could have been used counseling a patient.

    Always get a kick out of the using the pickup line on Klinger.

    Congratulations on the wedding!!!

  11. As always, great episode. This episode of MASH with the butt wound always makes me think of an incident I saw in Iraq. It was 2003 and the invasion had ended not too long beforehand. There was a black market for weapons. A platoon of Cav Scouts had raided the black market and arrested the marketer. This poor guy was only caught because of his wound to the butt. Someone had test fired an AK-47 and the bullet had went through both cheeks giving him five holes in the backside.

  12. Regarding the picture from the last war in Iraq. That wasn’t a scorpion. It was a camel spider. The things would grow to large size and stalk people. They’re known for attaching themselves to camels. To this day, I still check my boots before putting them on to make sure that there are no spiders inside them.

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