M*A*S*HCast – Jamie Farr

M*A*S*HCast -  Jamie Farr

In this special episode, Rob has a chat with Cpl. Maxwell Q. Klinger himself, the one and only Jamie Farr!

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16 responses to “M*A*S*HCast – Jamie Farr

  1. Right off the bat, a big thank you to both Rob and Mr. Farr for such an amazing episode. Jamie Farr reminds me so much of my older Italian uncles, so down to earth, joyful warm, full of stories and generous with his time and memories. Much like Mike Farrell, he seems like a genuinely kind and decent man and I’m thankful for that as well. They say never meet your heroes, but after hearing both Mike and Jamie, they’re exactly how I wished they’d be! Rob, it must be hard to balance your fandom with being an interviewer, but you handle it masterfully, and Jamie seemed to love sharing not only his MASH stories, but stories from the Hollywood trenches as well. Thank you Mr. Farr, for being such an important part of my life and living up to expectations, and thank you Rob for representing all of us MASH fans with intelligence and grace! What an episode!

  2. What a joy this was! Thank you both! It was a thrill and a pleasure to listen to Jamie’s stories and the obvious happiness and gratitude those memories brought him. He has led an amazing life. Of course, I especially appreciated his perspective as a veteran and and how that informed his work, but it was all wonderful, front to back. 68 years in show biz! Wow!

    Having listened to this, I feel validated in my argument that Klinger was one of the best enlisted men on the camp, despite his uniform issues, and his only real competition was the preternaturally competent Radar O’Reilly. As Jamie pointed out, you could always count on Max to do his duty, even if he did it with his own special flair.

    This interview brought to mind a couple of other things I found remarkable about Klinger. First, on a show full of highly educated medical professionals, Max was one of the people who represented the working class Everyman, and he did so with thoughtfulness and dignity. Second, Klinger as a character brought out the most interesting character bits from those he worked with. As an actor, I think Jamie did the same with his cast mates.

    That is all, I guess. I will add “ditto” to all the positive comments that came before me. I’ll enjoy listening to this one again. Rob, keep doing interviews!

  3. Fantastic episode and interview.

    Loved hearing all of Mr. Farr’s stories as he recalled making the show. Pretty cool that some of that stuff (like the Abyssinia Henry memory) still burned bright.

    But all the other stuff, his earlier career, the Greatest Story Ever Told, meeting Ralph Bellamy .. all fascinating.

    Great work Rob!

  4. That interview was a true delight to hear. A big thanks to both Rob and Mr. Farr. Now, I wonder which cast member I’ll get to mark off my MASH bingo card next.

  5. Great interview, Rob. Thanks for getting it for us.

    Farr is 87. He sounds great!!!

    Ralph Bellamy played one of the Dukes in Trading Places. Farr’s first MASH scene was with Sorrell Boole, who starred in The Dukes of Hazzard. And Booke served in the Korean War.

    He mentioned MeTV. I saw an episode of Gomer Pyle on there recently. They were having war games and Gomer got captured. He was able to escape by putting on an officer’s uniform. On his way back to his unit, he captured a platoon from the other side. The platoon leader was played by Jamie Farr. To bring it full circle, in the last scene, Sergeant Carter was told Gomer had been captured again. He was mad but then we heard Gomer yelling that he was back. It cut to a shot of Gomer running down a hill wearing a dress and carrying a rifle. Must have gotten the idea from Klinger.

    Again, I really enjoyed the conversation. Looking forward to the debut of S5.

  6. What a way to kick off Season 5! It was great to hear another member of the cast on your show. Listening to him share about the relationships he had with the cast was great. And hearing him mention all of the legends that he became friends with.

    I listened with my kids. They loved it too.

  7. Again, another great interview, Rob. Hats off. And thanks, of course, go to Mr. Farr for being so gracious with his time.
    One thing, though – and I realize there was only so much time and you had so much to cover: I kind of regret that you didn’t get a chance to ask him about the fact that he’s also a comic book fan (or at least he was). I would have liked to hear some of his thoughts on the kind of stuff he liked most and his memories of buying and reading comics back in his day.

  8. I just finished your episode with Jamie Farr. ‘Impressive, most impressive’.

    I shared the story about Harry Morgan’s toast to his WWI buddies with my own Army friends and … OK, there was silence, but with soldiers, they say… we say more when we don’t talk. That should say everything.

    Thanks again for another Rock Star episode (I’m talking about you, not your guest. Be Effing Proud!!)

  9. What a great interview, and entertaining podcast. Thank you, Rob and Jamie, for doing such a great job!
    It actually brought tears to my eyes, to think that your (our) childhood heroes are interacting with you. What a dream come true! ….And to realize that this particular interview occurred through the thoughtfulness of Mike Farrell….wow. Just….wow. What a guy.
    Several of Jamie’s stories are in his autobiography, which I heartily recommend. I *think* it is out of print, but you can get a copy at places like abe.com or hpb.com if you are interested.

  10. That was just delightful, thank you so much! I am looking forward to season five, I just love this podcast! Keep up the great work and take care!

  11. Hi Rob, great interview with Jamie Farr. You may not know that Mr. Farr is a comic fan from way back. He did a Cameo video for the Word Balloon and Ah Yeah Podcasts where he talks about his favorite Golden Age characters. The link below will take you to the video episode. Thank you John Siuntres, host of Word Balloon.


    A quick comment on your episode #91 “Some 38th Parallels” regarding the many names for the nurses played by the same actor. I believe that royalty rights are owed for characters created by the episode writer if that character returns in later episodes.

    An example would be Robert Duncan McNeill who played Ensign Tom Paris who was doing time in the brig at the very first episode of Star Trek: Voyager. He had previously played Cadet First Class Nicholas Lacarno on Star Trek: The Next Generation who wound up in the brig at the end of the episode “The First Duty”. Originally it was intended for Nick Lacarno wind up as the helmsman of the Voyager because he was such a good pilot. They didn’t use Lacarno when they realized they would have to pay that royalty for every episode he appeared in so he became Tom Paris.

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