Mountain Comics 48 – Batman #329

Rob welcomes fellow network all-star Chris Franklin to discuss BATMAN #329!

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11 responses to “Mountain Comics 48 – Batman #329

  1. 1. the other two-face was named PUAL Sloan. I Know cuz i had a champions chacter named Mark SLOAN and the game master would not let them be related.
    2 I THINK of the really classic Bat-foes Two face is the most fun that actually WORKS. Joker just does whatever is worst, Ridler is the best gimmick but man if your a writer YOU GOTTA come up with the best riddle EVER! Who needs that preesure?

  2. Wow, another episode so soon after the last one, what a treat!
    Always nice to hear a conversation with Chris Franklin about an issue of Batman, and this was a good issue to feature – not least because I used to have it, but hardly recall anything specific about the story itself. However, certain panels from it are etched in my memory (like that great, all-red Batman image in Two-Face’s target scope). I’ve always loved Novick’s work, and he was a really good fit for Batman (but also the Flash – go figure).
    And now that we’ve been spoiled with two virtually back-to-back episodes of Mountain Comics, I’m a bit sad that we’ll have to wait almost a month for the next one…

  3. This is the Batman I remember so fondly. Back then The Caped Crusader was 2nd only to Spider-Man when it came to my favorite superheroes. While I don’t remember this issue specifically, I definitely recall this era of the title. The colorful action packed covers that inspired my imagination almost as much as the stories inside.
    Thanks for another nostalgia trip. It was nice to sit back, listen to your conversation about Batman while I sip my Batman Dark Knight Roast Coffee. It’s got a rich (Brave &) Bold flavor. Of coarse it needs some cream and sugar to cover the bitterness of seeing your parents killed in front of yoy.

  4. Awesome episode on an awesome issue. This version of Two-Face is great. Batman’s compassion for him and for Gilda is great characterization. Novick kills it in this issue as well. And I know he appeared frequently at that time but I love me some Two-Face.

    PS – Thanks for the call-outs to BFR.

  5. Did Two Face ever meet Jonah Hex? A heart to heart conversation between these two would be therapeutic for both of them.

  6. Mountain Comics makes me wonder how many readers whose fandoms began in the 70s have similar origin stories. In 1978, my sister bought a mobile home in central Wisconsin, which then became my family’s vacation spot (we were from the Milwaukee area) for close to 40 years. I spent my senior year spring break there, proposed to my first wife there, my kids spent their spring breaks there, etc. It was just outside a small town of around 400-500 people and it only had one main street with any businesses-the gas station, a cafe, a grocery store, a bar, a liquor store, but most importantly , the Pill and Frill. That was the name of the town’s drug store, which had two spinner racks. . That was where I got my first comic book and the first books of my collection. The mobile home had no phone or tv, and no toys in those early years. But it did have those comics. They were special, because my parents would buy me a one each weekend and I had to leave the books there so I’d have something to do the next time we came up. So, my special “Up North” books were all the Batmans, Detectives, and JLAs that came out in the summers of 1978-81 or so. A lot of Novick, Aparo, and Dillon. One of my favorites that I looked forward to seeing was the treasury edition of Batman’s Strangest Cases, where I was introduced to Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil. I wish I could have been on the Treasury Cast when you covered it. Each summer, I couldn’t wait for the 2.5 hour ride to end so I could rush through the door and read my Up North comics. Anyways, I just wanted to share a common origin story from 1000 miles away from yours, as these books bring back so many great memories, from a similar experience, from the same time period. The choice to buy kids like us those vacation comics literally shaped our lives. I wonder how many kids in Colorado, Texas, and California got into the hobby by reading the great stories of the 70s because their parents bought them on vacation. Keep up the great work.


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