oHOTmu or NOT’s 1st Wedding Special

Last month, our very own DJ Nath got married to Lonely Hearts' Marty, which is just the excuse the Hot Squad needs to compare their wedding to some famous SUPERHERO weddings. Jean Gray and Cyclops! [47:32] Lois Lane and Superman! [1:21:01] How do the dresses, venues, ceremonies and receptions rate?

Featuring permanent panelists Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amelie.

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10 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT’s 1st Wedding Special

  1. First off, congratulations on your nuptials!

    The girls made me laugh when they mentioned a “chair dance” with Professor X. Obviously they have never been to a “gentlemen’s club” as that has a bit of a connotation.

    I’m surprised Siskoid did not point out the smiling woman at the wedding dress fitting was none other than Janette Kahn who was the Publisher of DC Comics from 1976 to 2002. During her 26 year tenure she approved well known projects like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. See the link below to see that the illustration matches her appearance.


    Well done as always ladies!

    Travis Morgan

  2. Congrats Nat & Marty! It sounds like your wedding went off without a hitch and it was just what you wanted, which I’m sure was entirely due to Nat. 🙂

    A funny story on a bouquet/garter toss for you: My then fiancé/now wife and I were at her friend’s wedding when they called all the single ladies (cue song) out for the bouquet toss. A lady (another of my wife’s friends) caught it. Then the single guys were called out and a gentleman about 6′-6″ tall, with long sandy hair and a full beard said to us, pointing at the lady with the bouquet, “That’s my girlfriend”. The guy next to me said, “New plan, guys. Let the wookiee win.” Every one of use then took a big step backwards and he grabbed the garter when it was tossed.

  3. Impressive podcast most impressive. Very nice photos. Congratulations on your nuptials. The blushing bride and groom look great together. Congratulations Natalie. Also good work on the bridesmaid dresses I’ve seen some very terrible bridesmaid dresses in my times. But, these look pretty good. The burgundy works well. While they do not upstage the bride. They don’t look bad either. They give a nice complement to the wedding party. Good choice by the groom wearing a pink tie to differentiate from the simple black suit. Still a very good choice for it there is a reason is the classic black suit. Cool wedding chapel and all. What there was no cake? That is just wrong. I’m kidding. I am surprised that no one made the four joke I heard there would be cake. Granted that was from the Joseph Michael Stravinsky run. Which was kind of pretty close to some of the things used in the movie. Though a lot of that seem to be based more on the Walter Simmons run.

    Now on to the comic books. The Andy Kubert art is great in this X-Men story. What little I know about drawing I learned from Mr. Kubrick’s father. Through a correspondence course. So I will make too many judgments on the outfits. Though you are correct Scott looks great with the blue vest bowtie to complement his black suit. Charles is best with the simple gray to it seems to work the best. Or as some people call it a waistcoat. And of the Bettman family folks are expecting me to say something about bishops suit. I’m not going to. I once saw a woman bring her catchers mitt to a wedding to catch the bouquet. She got it she had a nice dress onto. So I see no issue with rogue flying. The garter belt thing yet I’ve seen people do the mad dash for it as well. And a few people doing the Doria playing volleyball bit with a kind of put their handout to try and pretend to attempt to catch the thing. But they’re not really going for it. For both the garter belt and for the bouquet. So men women have equally have that final welfare and pretend to care bit. While equally both have gone full force for it.

    The cake is pretty cool. Interesting that she cut more towards the middle to take that beast to feed to Scott. Ended the playful smashing into his face bit. Everyone who doesn’t think so the first. It is cute. And enjoyable to watch people do these things heard they seem to have fun with it. The dance is nice. And the bit with Charles and Jean having at dance was pretty cool. But, you’re right. I’m thinking with a bunch of blue people. The fact that strong guy is 8 feet tall with a tiny head. The beast is a monkey man with a Dagwood haircut. And the fact that Domino is an albino with a birthmark over one for eyes. And storm has no pupils. Kurt having his show is a blue elf appearance. Though being the most religious to bunch. I think this ship has sailed on anyone not knowing the people at the schools were in fact mutants.

    All right moving on to the Superman issue. While I am glad to see the return of John Byrne and Terry Austin. That dress, just why? Use shoulders and the whole giant shoulder pads into the southern belle like hoop skirt as static makes her look more like a dumbbell then a hourglass figure. Or she’s trying to look like the I from impact comics. Her hair looks nice her makeup is good. I like the simple pearl earrings. The short sleeves and into the gloves is good. Uni cut of the front of the dress with the underdressed with fringe looks good. And the veil itself is well pleasing. Also the cleavage fits well with it. However, these huge Dynasty shoulder pads added to that hoop skirt. Now if they killed the shoulder pads and had more of a off the shoulder look. It might work better. When she turns into, combat dress it’s fine.

    Now once were done with that I wonder if the dressmaker got permission to still that first dress from a set of black adder? Or perhaps from mighty pythons the holy Grail. The looks of things I think Lois wants to toss the holy hand grenade at that dress. I can’t say that I blame her. The dress lady is fine. She just had one too many facelifts. The second dresses fine. Though I still think this would work for her wedding to Clark. Granted Martha and Lois his sister Lucy are the only ones amused by it. Mainly about how much it freaks out Lois’s mother. And then there is the third actual dress that would’ve been perfect. The train everything would’ve worked well. She probably wouldn’t want some semblance of the veil. But, it could’ve worked pretty well. And then there’s the dress she took. It’s looks like a refugee from Ice’s closet for when she plans to marry Guy. Just oy. This dress it’s what is with the green armband? It has a bow in the veil. The weird 40s upper part to it. The daisies all around her feet at the end of it. Also how come no one complained that she’s wearing a ponytail? She’s on her wedding and she has a ponytail.

    This is an dinner and a movie time. She’s at her freaking wedding. Her makeup looks good. Very simple understated. The gray suit deftly works for Clark. You can say Clark is for the South. He’s really from the Midwest but I will take it. As some one from the South. Considering the usually representation get as comic book representations. I will take it. Also I can hear Mike Bailey screaming into his iPod as you call it a mullet. Since it is in fact long hair on Superman. And not meant to be a mullet. Though it was cut in this issue to take his hair back to status quo. He grew it out why he was in suspended animation. Healing from being well dead. Kind of hard to find a good barbershop when you’re deceased. Who knew? Can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

  4. What a fun episode concept, and one which works with this group and the show’s format. Such a great listen.

    The X-Men issue does get me a bit weepy. But gosh, I’ve actually never read Superman the Wedding Album. I’ll have to do so soon. (Can’t immediately for “reasons” too long to get into.)

    I also attended the wedding recently on Oct 29th. My niece got married in an outdoor venue, but it was going to be cold so a heated tent was provided for the reception. Course “tent” is too mild a term for the size it covered, and it went wonderfully. Lots of smiles, laughs, and happy tears. That’s to say, congrats Nat & Marty on your magical day!

  5. Congratulations on the wedding the couple looked great . I think when comes to comics x-men had the better wedding .
    Wonder full show emphasis on full of you know what I mean .
    Happy holidays to one and all .

  6. Such a fun episode. Congrats to Nat and Marty!

    I love weddings more than most of my buddies and always interested in the details. The first dance song. The last dance song. If there are bride/father and groom/mother dances. The make or break moments for me are the best man/maid of honor speeches. As said, if it is there to embarrass, you better be on your game. Sounds like this one was a ton of fun!

    The ‘groom’s cake’ is something I had never heard of before seeing one at Rob’s wedding. And I have been to a ton of weddings. So this is a fascinating thing for me to figure out.

    I nodded knowingly when I heard Siskoid get choked up over the comic. It is odd what geeky thing will somehow impact an individual. I have been there plenty of times.

    1. To be fair, Anj, I have a strong aesthetic response to a lot of media – comics, literature, movies, TV, I’m always choking up. You can hear it a lot on Gimme That Star Trek and Straight Outta Gallifrey. It’s really annoying in a podcasting context!

      1. I actively sobbed watching the anime series ‘Your lie in April’ and got choked up in the recent Dragon Ball movie when Gohan used Piccolo’s end movie …( it’s only fitting given their relationship ).

        So I get it!

        Also, wanted to add Shotgun as casual cosplay Loki at a wedding is fantastic!

  7. What a wonderful episode! Your wedding looks beautiful, Nathalie. Congratulations to you and Marty!

    It’s amazing what comics can bring us to tears. I totally empathize with Siskoid, as that was a beautiful moment. I mean, I cried after reading the Crimson Avenger’s Who’s Who listing! (No joke, that actually happened to me as a kid).

    This was a fun trip down the wedding aisle! keep up the great work!

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