oHOTmu or NOT Ep.10: Beast to Beta Ray Bill

A blue furball. A hard-shelled criminal. The devil that rules Limbo. And Thor’s alien replacement. Which are Hot, and which are Not? Let the girls tell you, as we begin work on OHOTMU Deluxe #2!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse (Havana Nights), Isabel (Lip-Bomb), Nathalie (DJ Nath), Josée (Art-Girl), Amélie (MeliUltraViolet) and Shotgun.

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20 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.10: Beast to Beta Ray Bill

  1. Something about the Beast that I should point out, the human-looking/less intelligent thing wasn’t all in one go. He returned to a more human look through something (I’m sorry, but I can’t remember what) in X-Factor but then Apocalypse infected him with something that caused him to lose intelligence as he used his strength. Being a hero, Beast continued to use his strength and, as a result, mentally regressed to the mind of a child. His mind and fur were restored later, and he managed to keep the increased strength, so it all worked out in the end.

    Now for the obligatory Thor character commentary:
    Beta Ray Bill’s design was based on a horse, not a goat. Walt Simonson wanted a noble animal to based the character on, and he figured that there was no more noble animal than a horse. Also, Bill’s people were not on Skuttlebutt (insert giggling here) but on separate ships that ill was protecting, so I don’t think he could have propped them up and played “Tea Party” very easily.

    For more on Beta Ray Bill, see my “Comic Book Retrospectives” posts on The Hammer Strikes. Balder is also covered there. 😉

        1. But honestly, whatever Simonson’s intent was, I always found Bill to look goat-like, especially seen from the front. I think it may be the helmet that evokes a ram’s horns.

  2. Two candidates for best quote of the episode:

    “Man, comics are weird.”
    “I hope Cap’s on top.”

    In serious nerd talk, it is a shame that the Beast, a founding X-Men member and Avenger, only got one page, whereas a newbie like Beta Ray Bill got several. This is probably a case of this issue coming in the midst of Simonson’s “hot” Thor run, and Beast being a character over in the soon to be cancelled Defenders. This reminds me of the one-page Batman got way back in issue #2 of Who’s Who (you know, that other character index comic that has a show on the network…but Shag isn’t as funny as the girls.)


  3. Oh my god, why don’t you record EVERY episode while drinking?!! I didn’t think I could love the ladies any more than I do, but a bottle of wine opened up new depths of affection for the Hot Or Not cast!

    Best line: *singing* “Any excuse to drink!”

    As for the entries on this episode, the only one I can really comment on is Beast. He needs a belt and his underwear should be a slightly darker or lighter shade of blue, something to differentiate his tight-fitting loincloth from his flesh and fur.

    1. First, don’t be an enabler. I think an all-drinking show would become more about drinking than about the comic. And really, the only ones who can’t hold their drink are Shotgun and Amelie, the others are pretty lucid; Elyse and Art-Girl were designated drivers and had water. But good news, booze fan: The next episode was recorded in the same session.

  4. That was fun, but when isn’t it. You girls! (And girl wrangler)

    The Beast was always hotter in Hank McCoy mode – chunky brainbox with a penchant for Beat poetry. If I want to snuggle up to a smelly old teddy bear I have Big Ted.

    Oh Siskoid, Beetle’ face was hardly ordinary, having transformed from white to black.

    Gosh, I read all Belasco’s early appearances and never noticed he had just the one arm. What a grandiose pillock he is.

    I always assumed Beta Ray Bill was a horse; whatever he is, he’s repulsive. I can’t stand him, he just showed up and could somehow out-Thor Thor? Get your own gimmick, loser.

  5. With how much fun it sounded like you were all having I’m starting to think I need to have a drink in hand myself next time I listen.

    I was very curious on what the outcome on Beast and Beta Ray Bill would be. This particular era of Beast wasn’t a bad look, and I certainly prefer it to the blue lion look he was sporting more recently. Seriously though, recolor those shorts.

    As for Beta Ray Bill, I’m glad they addressed the name, because that was always the hang up for me. I remember being immediately drawn to the character on appearance, between the Thor worthy bod and the head like it came off a biker gang’s logo. But then I saw the name and I knew I could never talk about the character with a straight face, and so I let him go. It’s superficial, and oddly petty given that I wasn’t hung up on his looks, but what can I say? Aliens shouldn’t have “Bill” as part of their names, and ESPECIALLY not paired with “Ray.” I can just picture the hammer on a tree stump outside of a trailer as his cousin Alpha Bobby Earl hollers “Hey, can I borrow your hittin’ stick?” from the back of a rust encased pickup truck. I’d have an easier time taking Throg seriously. At least mystical frogs are kind of a thing thanks to fairy tales. Space hillbillies, we do not need.

  6. So glad the ladies appreciated the Beetle design! Such a great looking character!!!

    And more wine with each episode! Such fun!!

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