oHOTmu or NOT Ep.3: Anaconda to Angel

A villain with a gorgeous 80s do. A badass Atlantean babe. A hippie on a baaaaaaaaaaad trip. And a feathered X-Man with a membership to the country club. Which are Hot, and which are Not? The girls weigh in!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse (Havana Nights), Isabel (Lip-Bomb), Nathalie (DJ Nath), Josée (Art-Girl), and Shotgun.

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10 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.3: Anaconda to Angel

  1. “Imagine taking this guy to an antique shop!”

    It’s stuff like this that has made OHOTMU my favorite show on the network, including my own shows.

  2. And here I thought the ladies would find ol’ Warren HOT. Just goes to show you ladies are a classy group, not impressed by a man’s wallet…or wing span.

    Anaconda always disturbed me. She looks like the lovechild of Power Girl and Aquaman. Brrr.

    Andromeda…I’m not really familiar with her at all. But Marvel Atlanteans always seem to blur together for me, other than Namor and Attuma. And it’s just because I like to say “It’s not Attuma!” like everyone else.

    Angar. Yeah, he’s ridiculous.

    Fun show as always!


  3. If there was one character I figured would be a LOCK for the Hot vote, it was Angel. He’s a blue-eyed, fair-haired, trust fund kid with zero percent body fat. He’s meant to look like an Adonis. That’s why he’s so %@$#ing boring!

    Great episode, as always!

  4. Loving this show, as much as I love the Legion posts.

    Perhaps the funniest part for me is Siskoid reading ridiculous text in a serious voice. Somehow, when read aloud, you realize just how ludicrous some of these characters are. A woman turned into a snake mutant by an oil company? Sure!!

    I was also surprised that Angel got shot down so easily by everyone! I wonder if they would be more interested in his ‘Death Angel’ Apocalypse mode.

  5. I think like everybody else, I’d figured Angel was the lock for hottest entry of the episode. Not being a huge fan of the guy (he’s kind of a non-entity to me) I was pleasantly surprised by the group’s actual reaction. And yeah, I was with them: the only hint that Anaconda was a woman was the boobs.

  6. Another shocked listener here regarding Angel. Was sure he’d be dreamy and angel-faced. Good on the ladies for seeing through his cover to his real spoiled rich boy center. :)

    Very glad “The Screamer” … went there, though only briefly. I had that entire segment mapped out in my mind. Was cleaner than I expected, but dirtier than the Adamantium accessories segment. :)

    Keep up the great work! Such a fun show!

  7. Terrific episode, as ever. I’m also surprised the ladies didn’t go for Warren – it’s obviously just us chaps who fancy him rotten. Mind, that entry doesn’t do him justice. They need to see him in the blue version of that number with the halo. Or the shortlived red and yellow looks with the slashed chest and headband. Or just shirtless…

    I’ll never again be able to look at WW3 – a great nickname no one ever coined – without thinking ‘duvet’.

    As for Crusher Creel look looking like Jason Statham, only if the Stathe has a really weird pinhead.

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