oHOTmu or NOT Ep.40: The Shirley Temple Special

For our 40th episode, a change of pace: We revisit issues 3 and 4 of the Official Handbook and look at what happened to some of those characters after 1985. Especially fashion-wise. Which are still Hot, which are still Not, and which have been redeemed and condemned? And we learned our lesson from the Sangria Special: Sober is better. (There’s no real difference.)

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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11 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.40: The Shirley Temple Special

  1. I think the ladies hit the nail on the head. They noticed the inherent darkness in comics since OHOTMU’s heyday just by looking at the images! OHOTMU Deluxe was published right before and during the darkening of mainstream super hero comics by the deconstructionism movement of Watchmen, Dark Knight, etc., so the impact of those projects wouldn’t be felt until later.

    Fun episode as always, and that Firebird costume is awesome, Amelie!!!


  2. My daughter is a big fan of the Shirley Temple, and I was glad to see the drink well represented in this episode. Actually, to be more accurate, I should say that my daughter is a big fan of maraschino cherries, and sees the Shirley Temple as a good carrier for the sweetened fruit. Shirley Temples rank right up there with sundaes in that regard.

    Continuing to speak of my daughter, she is also a big fan of Squirrel Girl and her sidekick, Tippy-Toe. As a result of your discussion, I now feel that I need to find her the Great Lakes Avengers issues where Deathurge appears as a squirrel.

    Thank you for another fun episode.

  3. While I have to admit to missing the drunken madness of the last one, but I get the chaos was probably too much to repeat. Oh well, I’ll drink in your honor. Cheers.

    Crimson Dynamo – So much emphasis with the female version on the “pearl head” and so little mention of the armor tits. I get that the breastplate (ha ha) has to accommodate her chest, but what in the flipping hell is up with the headlights??

    Cyclops – Yup, the hair showing does him a world of good. While I don’t hate the all red look, I’ll agree it’s needlessly “dark”. When they brought my attention to the preposterous abs in that one I couldn’t help but think of LEGO Batman. “I’ve got a nine pack. Yeah, I’ve got an extra ab.”

    Dazzler – Pass on the angry punk, but her current look – HAWT DAYUM! I really want to go more into detail, but right now I’m just trying to figure out if I could get Lis to cosplay that look.

    Diamondback – Hot in every iteration, but I think my preference would be most modern outfit with the middle hair.

    Doc Ock – I mean… I guess it’s a little better by the end. I still can’t help but see the Spider-man derivativeness to it. I still default to Alfred Molina with the big coat.

    Spider-Woman – It bummed me out when the ladies made the Robin connection, because I really LOVE this outfit. Of course I also associate the more modern look with what a badass mama she was to keep fighting the good fight while very visibly pregnant.

    Falcon – He looks best when he’s rocking another character’s uniform. That kind of says it all doesn’t it?

    Fantastic Four – Complete barf on that white Phys Ed looking nonsense. I’m torn on the red. I don’t like the color scheme but I like the overall designs. I want to see the red swapped for blue.

    Fenris – #FuckNazis. That is all.

    Firebird – Firstly the biggest props in the world to Amélie for pulling that outfit together. Can’t say I’m surprised at how unwieldy it was. But yeah that middle look of Cleopatra by way of a reformed convent is just… ugh. The last one is pretty good, but I kind of fell bad no loving the native inspired stylings. I just… it’s so on the nose to that aspect. It’d be like the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider having a sombrero. Ok, maybe not that bad. Or even close. Ok that was a bad comparison and now I’m looking like one of those “stop going on about your heritage, gawd! this stupid PC agenda” morons so I think I just need to stop talking. Yeah right, like that ever happened.

    Fixer – Well… I mean it’s better. But it’s still not good.

    Foolkiller – What a difference and an actual hot now.

    Forge – Siskoid, I feel like you loaded the deck by finding a really terrible rendering of that look. I’ll still take it over short-shorts.

    The Forgotten One – Wow, that newest costume is somehow even more forgettable.

    Deathurge – This is the best thing I will have experienced in my life. Nothing else will ever come close.

    #sobersunrise #squirrelboyfriend

    1. One, having had to edit it, I couldn’t tell the difference between drunk and sober. There’s one particular aside I had to cut almost completely that would have proven it, but it would have been just noise to keep it in.

      Two, as far as stacking the deck goes, you plug the word Forge into Google, you take what you can get.

  4. Another hilarious episode! And great job on the Firebird costume, Amelie!

    Would have liked to have heard the ladies’ reactions to Jessica Drew’s costume during her pregnancy…

  5. You know, I’d love to hear the ladies’ take on Quasar’s various costumes, WAY down the road. But please, PLEASE, don’t subject them to Thor’s looks in the 90’s. No one deserves that.

  6. Whoa, lot of ground to cover that episode. You guys did great. I have only a few notes:

    Crimson Dynamo: #YouShouldHaveAFace
    Cyclops: #HowDoesHeHaveAnEightPack
    Dazzler: #YouCantBePunkAndSmile
    Diamondback: My favorite is the version with the bicep and thigh bands. I know they’re not truly practical, but don’t care. It looks so awesome.
    Drew, Jessica: #SheLooksLikeRobin
    Falcon: #MetaphoricalV. But that just makes me think of video by Homestar Runner, with Strongbad saying “Consummate V’s! I said consummate!”

    FF: Yes, the hexagons are all black for the rest of the Future Foundation members.
    Fenris: #SpyBarbie #SympatheticTomatoes
    FIrebird: Amelie’s costume blew up my Twitter back in October. Love love love!
    Forge: I know it’s a law for superheroes, but can’t stand brainy heroes as buff and cut as Captain America. They spend all their time in the lab, AND the gym?
    Forgotten One: #GilgaMeh!
    Deathurge: The joy of Death-squirrelge! Gave me all the smiles!

    Sorry, Two For The Price Of One didn’t have much to add this time. But they also were very impressed with Amelie’s Firebird costume!

    The Power Pack issues are all signed by Louise Simonson (writer), June Brigman (penciller), and Bob Wiacek (inker). They were all super-nice, and it was my pleasure sending the issues to you. Hope you all enjoy them. Comics definitely made for reading! You’re welcome, gang!

    Happy holidays! See you in 2019!

  7. I’m finally getting caught up on the episodes and this was another great one. Well done on the costume, Amelie! It looks fantastic!

    Fenris – “Sympathetic tomatoes” is the one thing I’m going to take away from this episode.

    Fixer – “I don’t like gooey robots.” I agree. My robots need to be big, bulky and transformable.

    Deathurge – The ladies’ enjoyment of Squir-rge is the main reason this is one of my favourite podcasts. Sorry, Turn It Off With Tracy!

    Keep up the great work!

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