oHOTmu or NOT Ep.43: Glorian to Gorgon

An apprentice dreamshaper. Beings too big for their britches. A guy too big for Avengers Compound. A cloven-hooved Inhuman. Which are hot and which are not? The Girls will tell you, trust us.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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16 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.43: Glorian to Gorgon

  1. So…if Ghost Rider….or to be more precise for this show, Blaze (Comma) Johnny rode that BMW motorcycle, would he have a permanent boner?

    Sorry for the crude humor, but since the girls were more randy than usual on this one, I thought it fitting.

    It’s good to be Gorgon. The ladies apparently dig this cloven hooved manly-man. Of course they do!

    Good on passing on Goliath. Yes, he even stole the pattern for his costume from Hank Pym’s Goliath costume. He just switched the colors to orange and brown (he was big in the 70s) and dropped the goggles.

    Now I have “Gloria” running through my head. Thanks for the ear worm, ladies…and Siskoid!


  2. The wine must have been flowing that evening as this was, perhaps, the bawdiest of episodes. Certainly made my commute into work fun.

    Glorian: a golden adonis in a toga. Amazing he was a pass. At first I was thinking that this will be educational for me as I heard shoe talk of heels, ballerinas, and wedges which expanded my knowledge. But then it went to ‘I was drunk in a toga once. It was very comfortable.’ And then ‘I thought you were going to say Silver Spoon in his ass’. Gives the visual of Armadillo as the ‘big spoon’ a whole different connotation.

    Goliath – the classic ‘let me take credit for all the hard work you’ve done villain’. Didn’t know he basically stole his power set. He’s the type of annoying guy I work with. That said, I am the biggest supporter of bucket boots. So at least he had that going for him.

    Gorgon – I was listening for someone to slip in the Anj-tastic pun of ‘it be-HOOVES me to say, I like his look’. But no such hoof pun was found. Instead, there was a lot of talk about Gorgon’s junk. In fact, there was more Gorgon junk talk in that one segment than in all the rest of my life reading Inhumans combined. Maybe he got a dose of the Terrigen-itals mist? Never quite understood the fussy tiara. Doesn’t go with the rest of his ‘rugged’ look. For god’s sake man, put a helmet on.

    Amazing to think my calculus ploy would have got me some dates with the gang. Knowing me, I would have tossed out some terrible math pun, “Listen. We all have to know our ‘limits'” that would have killed the mood.

    As always, laughed the whole ride into work. You are all doing the Gods’ work, even that dude in the fancy chair.

  3. Wait Shotgun isn’t her real name?!? I feel so betrayed. And you’re all welcome to come to me for drunken consolation over a bad date anytime.

    Glorian – Ok, anybody who knows me knows that I’m queer as fuck (you’re quoting me saying the word Siskoid, so it’s ok for you to say it). But this is honestly too fabulous. Yes, that is a thing. Too bright, too sparkly, too buff, too much… just too much. Nice guy I’m sure, belle of the pride parade and rightfully so, but not somebody I’d want to be around outside of that kind of over the top environment. I can’t picture just coming home to somebody like this.

    Gods – The category entries are always hard, and this one is the roughest because there’s just no consistency to who’s being covered here. It’s such a hodgepodge I feel weird stamping the entire group as hot or not. Thinking on how Marvel tends to depict gods when it comes to personalities though (pompous and/or uncaring seems to be the standard template) I suppose a good old fashioned fneh is the safe way for me to go on this one. Individual exceptions granted on a case by case basis (still love you Gaia).

    Goliath – I tend to glance at the pictures before listening so I know my first impression on sight before hearing about what the characters are like. And immediately I hated this guy, even before hearing about what a dickhead he is. The outfit isn’t awful, but it’s just kind of bland. Not very memorable. But it was that shit-eating grin that made me stamp him with an instant “not”. Sidebar: where the hell did the phrase shit-eating grin come from? I feel like there’s a really horrible story behind that. Anyways, you just know this guy is waaaaaaaaaay too proud of his “growth” and is going to show it off without asking if anybody wants to see it. He’s totally that guy.

    Gorgon – What is going on with those pants? It’s like the world’s clumsiest stitch job. And yet, despite all of this, I’m kind of digging it. Maybe it’s just the rough and tumble vibe, I imagine that kind of animalistic passion from somebody like this. Plus fauns are kind of hot, I love me a good mischievous fairy type. Then again, I’m not usually into guys this hairy. But it’s a hot. I just can’t for the life of me figure out why. No idea whatsoever that’s making the difference here. Nope. Not a clue. #bulgewatch

    1. We sometimes feel bad that Shotgun got saddled with an eternal nickname because she wasn’t the first of her real name in the gang. But then you know what else isn’t their real name? Glorian. Goliath. Gorgon. Siskoid.

      You know, Vera Wylde sounds like a comic book name more than something found on a birth certificate too. Hm…

  4. Hmm I must say I never read any Marvel stories with Glorian so I have no real opinions on him…Gods can be cool or bad depends on who they are I guess…I have more opinions on Erick Josten…I hated Erick Josten as Goliath as a kid I thought he was lame and he justly got his ass kicked frequently by the Avengers and assorted Marvel superheroes…then the original Thunderbolts series happened in the late Nineties and suddenly I started to like the guy…I’m a sucker for superhero stories about redemption (it’s one of the reasons Spider-man is my favorite hero)..he was my second favorite member on the original Thunderbolts team (my favorite character was Songbird )…as Atlas he actually was pretty awesome and his growth away from being super-villain into an actual hero was a very well handled example of a heel face turn ..which is why I hate what they did with him in Secret Empire when they made him a supervillain again (even if he was probably being controlled by the Red Skull’s use of Kobik’s reality controlling effect) …Secret Empire pissed me off with that lazy face heel turn and infuriated me by killing Black Widow… at least Black Widow got better so maybe Atlas will too.

    1. I’m keeping all that stuff about Atlas secret from the Girls so that they’re surprised when we do the next “Where are they now?” episode. Shhhh.

  5. Great episode everyone. This episode gave me the vapours, due to how blue the talk got. Ah, who am I kidding? I’m not pure as the driven snow anymore so this show was excellent to hear. I’m just glad I listened to this with headphones at work and not speakers.
    I’m beginning to see a pattern with the ladies between Armadillo, Gargoyle and now, Gorgon. Non-threatening beast-men seem to be real winners.
    Glorian – I also thought of the “Gloria” song before you said it! The style of the song really fits with the style of the picture. Maybe it was just all the talk of the ’80’s but now I can picture him with a Tab drink in his hand. Also, no “Taste the Rainbow” Skittles jokes?
    Goliath – I like how it was an immediate “Nope”.
    Gorgon – I laughed so hard at all the many bulge comments for Gorgon! Though “Are you miming a hand or a penis?”…..uh…… confused me. Aren’t those two very different shapes? Is it…. is it supposed to look like a hand? Now I feel very, VERY self conscious and have no further questions!
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Skittles: I think I went “other candy is available” but it was drowned out in overlapping dialog that found its way to the cutting room floor (you should see the mess).

      Penal miming: Hands can make fists, fists can be penises. The more you know (how’s THAT for a rainbow?).

  6. I really enjoy this show. Even though I don’t know who is speaking, I can differentiate the voices. All of you, even Siskoid, are a delight!

  7. Fine form this time gang, just hilarious.

    Glorian: I only read one story with him in the grey Hulk period, and he was so outclassed. Now I’m convinced that Rainbow Dash could kick his Silver Spoon ass. Also, must thank you guys. The next day after listening, I was eating breakfast and my brain started playing “… was it something that he said? All the voices in your head, calling Gloria!” And the voices WERE in my head.

    Gods: It’s a shame Snowbird and her mother’s pantheon wasn’t mentioned in this entry for the Canadian connection.

    Goliath: Such a jerk in this era. #TanSlightlyOrangeGoliath

    Gorgon: With his hooves, he could have been a natural tap dancer. Missed opportunity. #ChronicErection #TheMoreYouKnow

    A country dog’s version of heaven is a fire hydrant factory. Just my theory.

    Thanks for the laughs, gang!

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