oHOTmu or NOT Ep.55: John Jameson to Rick Jones

A werewolf astronaut. A Canadian mechanic. A goofy Daredevil villain. A professional sidekick. Which are hot and which are not? What will the Girls think of a 75%-civilian batch of entries from the Official Handbook?

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Amélie and Shotgun.

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10 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.55: John Jameson to Rick Jones

  1. All the talk about alliteration made me think of that scene from the Stan Lee episode of The Big Bang Theory, where Raj goes on and on about how Stan went overboard with his naming convention. His final word on the subject is “J. Jonah. Jameson. Junior.”

    I gotta give props to John Jameson for being the star of one of the most memorable Power Records book and record sets that smooshed his first two Man-Wolf stories into one, and its very dramatic presentation. Lots of heavy wolf breathing!!! Reading this OHOTMU was when I first learned about him becoming Stargod and all that weirdness, and I will admit, it did kind of steer things away from the cool werewolf horror angle, but I guess you still have to get to Russell, Jack for that, or Werewolf as he’s categorized in this series.

    Of course Madison Jefferies is drawn by Kevin Maguire. That smirk says it all.

    I was thinking the same thing about the Jester’s origin: Why did this guy ever make it to the stage to begin with? I guess Hollywood has built movies around bad actors, so off-broadway plays can do the same. The Jester seems more like a DC villain somehow stumbled into a Marvel comic, for some reason.

    For Rick Jones, you used a clip from the 80s Hulk cartoon, but I wish you could show the girls that show’s version of Rick. The long hair and cowboy hat was an interesting direction to go in with the character for sure. As stupid as his introductory act is (he was driving across a military base test site, while steering with his feet and playing the harmonica!), Rick Jones is a much better hero sidekick than his DC analog, Snapper Carr. I know the girls don’t know about Snapper, and they are better for it. Although now that I think about it, I’m surprised Rick has NEVER made it into any live action version of the Hulk, especially the MCU.


  2. John Jameson: I’ve heard that Spider-Man/Man-Wolf Power Record too! I can’t remember if we owned it, or checked it out of the library. I loved it so much! I really need to dig into more comics with Man-Wolf.

    Madison Jeffries: Very possibly the first character who’s clearly a superhero but refuses to do the superhero branding, and pretty scary powerful. Love him.

    Jester: One of you said “He did all that work and they fired him after one show? No wonder he went evil.” Absolutely perfect! LOL!
    I hadn’t looked at his tights much, but you’re right, they look too big. How can that be when every other hero’s or villain’s tights are perfect fits? One answer: the artist really wanted them to look like stage tights, and dang it, those never fit right! My usual problem is them being too small for me. UGH!

    Rick Jones: I’m glad Rick got some love. In addition to being a sidekick because he wants to help, he’s the guy who made a big mistake, and has dedicated his life to atoning for it. That’s pretty awesome.
    I’ve just started reading the original Hulk series. I just got to the issue where they have a mental link and the Hulk does everything Rick tells him to do! But Rick can’t fall asleep because as soon as he does, Hulk goes on a rampage. And that’s just in his first year of appearances! Rick has been through lots of … stuff.

    Eye-tentacles. EW!

    Thank you, Hot Squad!

  3. Impressive podcast. Most Impressive. Yeah John’s costume does kind of suck. The Star gwad costume is kind of cool though. He looks a bit sexy. JJ as a relative though….. oy. Don’t know about the meeting his folks. Only one of my exes introduced me to their fam. So no idea. Not the best look for Madison. He looked better when im Lee drew him in Alpha Flight. Sorry ya’ll. I get why Alpha Fight makes Cisco cring. As Gambit does me. But, he was a cool enough character. His Box look was really cool. With Purple girl and the gang. I’ll skip mentioning His brother. Oy that was weird.

    Jester. So he’s an actor…that forgot to study acting? Also his costume looks like a Christmas tree. He’s Marvel’s version of the Trickster. If Marvel brings DD to Disney plus Mark Hamel can voice him.

    Rick Jones. I can’t even say his name with out making the Rick James joke now. Sorry. His costume is of it’s time. His cloths were of it’s time. Also why is he always in Yellow blue and red? Are they playing up on the DC Captain Marvel On The Marvel version. Oy. I’m waring a yellow T-shirt and black shorts right now. But, can you think of any one not going to Wal Mart to buy all the TP. Waring Yellow Blue and red. And saying yeah this is the outfit I should ware. Maybe Hulk Hogan waring jeans, but that’s a work look. He wares that cause every one knows thoughs as his colors.

  4. I had to laugh when I looked at the gallery pics before listening to the episode.

    Without a doubt, the outfit I would pick is The Jester. In fact, I was thinking ‘that is a pretty boss look! and I like the gimmicky nature of his gadgets! That would totally be me.’ I looked at Madison, Jeffries, and Jones, Rick and I often dress like both of them. In particular Jones’ jeans and Chuck Taylors look is me on most weekend days off.

    But I would be all about exploding yo-yos, electric joy buzzers, and juggling ball gas bombs.

    Of course, he is the loser of the episode! Thank goodness I don’t live in the MCU!

    Lastly, Siskoid, given the talk of ManWolf’s ‘cycle’, I wonder if it would be worth giving the girls ‘The Curse’, Swamp Thing #40 by Moore, Bisette, and Totleben which explores the link between menstruation and lycanthropy.

  5. Regarding the “there should be more movies about comic creators” discussion: Besides the one you mentioned (“Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”), I can recall three film adaptations of autobiographical comics: Harvey Pekar’s “American Splendor,” Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis,” and Derf Backderf’s “My Friend Dahmer.”

    There are a number of comic creators whose lives could make interesting biopics: Bill Gaines and the rise and fall of EC Comics (particularly his disastrous attempt at defending his horror comics in front of the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency), Matt Baker’s experiences as an African-American artist in the 1950s, the horrible life of the abusive, alcoholic Fletcher Hanks, and several of the pioneers of the comics industry (Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon), etc. I do think we’ll probably get a Stan Lee biopic before too long…

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