oHOTmu or NOT Ep.60: Klaw to Krang

A man made of solid sound. A bionic woman. A little horsie. An Atlantean warlord. Which are hot, which are not? Coverage of issue 7 continues and only the Hot Squad knows for sure who gets a pass.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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17 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.60: Klaw to Krang

  1. Klaw: This guy got more space than Black Panther, including a maskless shot. Again, I never fail to get a chuckle out of the girls calling BS on the concepts most of us nerds just take accept at face value, like “solid sound”. I always thought Klaw looked like he should be a lackey of Magneto, since they color-coordinate. The name always bothered me too.

    Misty Knight: What’s not to like? Home run as expected.

    Kofi: My Little Pony meets Captain Eo? I never really noticed the seahorse look, going straight to plan ol’ horse. Nice needle drops, Siskoid, especially “Tell me about it, Stud.” Clever!

    Krang: I’m glad you mentioned Ming, because this guy always felt like underwater Ming. Even the name is calling back to him. I thought he was much bigger baddie in the grand MCU, due to the reruns of the old Marvel Super Heroes cartoon, where he seemed to be in every Namor segment.

    What’s with Marvel having a Krang and a Kang? And then there’s Krang from TMNT, which you needle dropped!

    I heard a Blues Clue bark when you yelled Mail Bag! I have that seared into my brains, thanks to my kids.


  2. OK….I am here to make a comment on Kofi as a Power Pack expert (shows official sticker representing podcast).

    Snark Prince!

    Nice. June Brigman designed this alien after her own love of horses.

    I love the fact that you all found him….cute…the kid version of hot.

    As always….love your show!

          1. I love this show, but it says something about Frank that he’s taking on the same challenge as all seven of y’all — and you’re pretty formidable in your own rights.

          2. He’s doing the original (non-Deluxe) series in his own inimitable style, with different guests for each entry, so it’s a completely different experience.

  3. Klaw: Okay, you asked for the Dr. Anj explanation.

    Every substance has it’s own unique frequency at which it resonates. This is why glass can be shattered by noise when the wave reverberates its internal frequency. Even human tissue has this sort of property (why certain sonic weapons can effect people’s bowels, etc.)

    When Klaw jumped into his converter, his body was destroyed but his consciousness remained. So foul was his own hatred and so unique is Vibranium, that he was able, by force of will, to force sound to recreate a body out of sound waves. Since Klaw was a master of sound, he would know the frequency of bone, skin, muscle, etc. So he used the power of Vibranium to vibrate at that frequency at enormous resonance and amplitude to form a body out of solid sound, but one which still feels and looks human. And that is because the sound of his ‘skin’ is working at the same frequency as skin does.

    Regardless, he isn’t hot.

    Misty Knight – very hot. I don’t think I can think of anything else to say.

    Kofi – Is he hot? I thought for sure the girls would say ‘neigh’. Although being a cute horse and wearing mod clothes is a ‘whinny whinny’ situation. And those clothes look expensive. Probably had to pony up a tidy sum for them. I am glad he is still trying to master his powers. He needs to dust himself off and get back in the saddle.

    Aside to Siskoid – yes, I basically cribbed Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing origin thinking about my Klaw explanation. Maybe he’s a sound elemental?

    1. Anj, everything in that explanation after “converter” is complete nonsense, but it’s really outstanding nonsense. Bravo.

  4. Thanks for spending a few minutes on Misty Knight even though she’s the most obvious hot ever (as portrayed in either comics or live action).

    Siskoid, what is this that one of the Hot Squad said about Marvel not taking your calls? DO THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE?!? This perfectly encapsulates everything that’s wrong with modern comics!!

    …at least until the next thing I can vent my mock fanboy outrage at.

  5. It’s always a great day when a new OHotMU episode drops. The Hot Team always brings the joy and this episode was great. And great for quotes…….

    Klaw – “Gaseous sound” ,”Excuse me? Pew pew pew.”, and “I don’t date people who aren’t substance.” are now phrases that will be in my everyday language. Can’t win an argument? Ummmm, excuse me? Pew pew pew. Argument won.

    Knight, Misty – She is such a great bad-ass character. She really deserves to be her own title.

    Kofi – It took me long time to realize that Snarks are not Snorks (as I combined in my mind). All I could picture in my mind is that old ’80’s cartoon. Snorks combined with Kofi is too much of a cuteness overload.

    Krang – “We are making science here”. ‘Nuff said.

    Well done, everyone. Keep up the great work!

    1. Mike, you reminded me! All Krang really needs To oxygenate his water is an aquarium bubbler attached to that bowl. And if his breaks, he can pick up a replacement at any pet supply store. SCOWBA gear (self-contained outside water breathing apparatus) is dead simple compared to SCUBA gear.

  6. Congrats on 60 episodes. It feels like just a few weeks ago that you were on episode 59. Time sure flies.

    Klaw: I like to think that Klaw’s solid sound works according to the same principles that govern the hard light of Voyager’s EMH or Red Dwarf’s Arnold Rimmer.

    Knight, Misty: She’s too cool for me to critique.

    Kofi: I wonder if Kofi has a cutie mark on his hindquarters and, if he does, what does it look like?

    Krang: We should be careful when judging Atlantean fashion with surface dweller eyes. Water absorbs more colors of the spectrum the deeper you go. Red is the first color to disappear, followed by orange, yellow, and green. Depending on the depth of Atlantis, Krang’s costume could look quite different than what’s depicted here. His entry even states that Atlantean eyes are more sensitive to the green portion of the spectrum, which would also affect how his outfit appears to his fellow Atlanteans.

  7. Klaw has always been a favorite of mine. The concept of “solid sound” is something hard to explain. In the Supers RPG that used this issue as charter models this was the “StarBuck Four”-
    ‘Venti- Barista – De-Caff and Starbuck –
    I suspect Kofi’s name inspired the theam.

    1. I have confirmation that ALL of the encounters in the “GURPS Supers” game came from this issue – in related news it was great to talk to Doug after a decade-

  8. Dear Mike,

    Always excited to get another episode of OHOTMU or NOT. I’ve been listening since the beginning but only recently increased my appreciation by adding comments. It really makes me feel like part of these wonderful conversations with you and the ladies when a stray thought from one of my letters sparks further conversation in the group!

    So, without further ado, let’s converse!

    Klaw: Once again, the brilliance of this show shines through! We start with an outrageous Lee/Kirby creation, and the discussion becomes one extended unintentional bathroom joke! “Liquid sound”, “I’ve got a B Flat coming up” and a sound blaster that resembles a plunger with a bowl around it — and you know that when Klaw has a movement, it’s ALWAYS symphonic!

    Misty Knight: Misty doesn’t need any more points in her favor to sway the vote to HOT, but I do want to add that in Classic X-Men 13, she used her bionic arm to punch out a shark. More than HOT, Misty is volcanic!

    Krang: If Namor is AWOL, and the only competition is Attuma, then I could see why Lady Dorma would hook up with Krang — but twice?! Let’s be honest, the ladies call out his distinct lack of bulge. Contrast that with the long belt and massive gun, and we know that Krang is clearly compensating!

    Also, reading the history of this character unveiled an interesting parallel: Krang assumes military control over Atlantis while Namor is interacting with the surface world. When the rightful ruler of the realm returns, Krang exiles Namor, who undergoes a quest to retrieve a legendary trident to use as a symbol of power to reclaim the throne. Did the writers of the Aquaman movie (or the comics on which the movie was based) rip off an old Namor story?

  9. Kofi – weirdly, I didn’t see Kofi’s mane as being “mohawk” like, as the girls did, although I guess that would be more appropriate for the 1980s. For me, his mane looks more 50s pompadour-esque. That could be because his outfit looks like one of Elvis’s 70s jump-suits, so that could have started me thinking 50s, since Elvis was at this hottest in the 1950s.

    Misty Knight – Agree, one of the coolest names in comics. As a young kid back in 1977, I picked up Marvel Team Up 64. I think Misty and Iron Fist’s kiss in that issue may have been the first interracial kiss I saw anywhere, not just in a comic. Back in 77, I was to young to think anyone was hot, but Misty definitely gets a hot from me, now.

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