oHOTmu or NOT Ep.62: Leader to Lightmaster

A Gamma-irradiated brain. A Dan Stevens TV show. A continent under the sea. An evil university vice-chancellor. Which are hot, which are not? The Hot Squad’s coverage of issue 7 continues!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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19 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.62: Leader to Lightmaster

  1. In addition to Lightmaster making enough money to fund the university with the sales of his costume patents, the Leader should have leased out his forehead for billboard space.

    I so look forward to the girls’ reaction to the Todd McFarlane-redesigned leader. I know the cat’s semi-out-of-the-bag, but I won’t spoil the look any further. Hilarity will ensue, I’m certain.

    I really hope we get to see the Leader fully realized in the MCU someday. The Incredible Hulk film left us with such a tease with Tim Black Nelson mutating.

    I would have assumed Legion was at least 6′ 4″. I would really like to know who determined the height and weight in both OHOTMU and Who’s Who. I imagine them being someone who was extremely short and wide,, like a mini-Jabba the Hutt, given the disproportionate data constantly printed in these books.

    You guys got way more mileage out of a map than I ever thought possible. This show is bullet-proof.

    I first met Lightmaster in one of my earliest Spider-Man comics (PPTSSM #20) with a VERY white, blown out cover that made quite an impression. Because of this, I assumed he was kind of a big deal in the pantheon of Spidey-rogues. Not so much. I always thought he looked like a walking orange. But now I can’t unsee the pumpkin butt!

    Great show as always folks!


  2. I feel compelled to point out that Lightmaster was the villain in Marvel Team-Up #113, featuring the meeting of Spider-Man and the one, the only Quasar! (Yes, I can bring just about any topic back to Quasar, much to my wife’s annoyance.)

  3. Lightmaster was in the first Spider-man book I remember owning- I’m assuming the show will be great as I’m about to listen while driving and it normally is-

  4. Impressive Podcast. Most impressive. hmm I wonder if the Leader and The Wizard are both trying see who can look more like a tampon. No idea why in the 60s a Cone head was what smart guys should look like. I only liked the leader when Max Headrom voiced him in the 90s cartoon. He looks better in the PAD run. But yeah lame. Also this costume. Why? Just why. Who wares orange and yellow when their skin is green? He maybe smart, but Tim Gunn he is not.

    Maybe he should have kidnaped Stacy London . Ya got a hudge head and ya ware a gold metal neck peace… And look like Green bit of lip stick. Suspenders a belt and the weird things on his sholders….. oy.

    Moving on. Legion. Em Kid and play was popular at the time. Thus the hair cut. And the LL Cool Jay thing he does with his pants. No idea why he doesn’t have shoes. Is this his hospital outfit? That’s what the works ware not the patents. I think the skin condition is a printing error. I’ve only seen Dave in a few issues, but his skin isn’t done like this. Hmm maybe he looks like a young Sir Patrick Stewart. But with the hair. Or James McAvoy.

    Well Age of Apocoloipse does happen because of him. Hot? No. Sorry.

    Light Master… why? Just why. I think even Stacy London would tap out on this. I get it’s supposed to be a human lens flair. Hmm maybe he’ll show up in JJ Abram and his son’s Spider Man run. Did I mention I have a U-tube channel? Wanna watch my insanity? It’s there at Liz Anne Oswalt. Or if ya want to hear from a normal person my friend living karasu has a channel ware she talks about Cos play anime and stuff.

  5. Great episode as always.

    Leader – his head is crazy big. I sometimes am perplexed by my ability to accept comic nonsense but then also try to apply real life world rules as well. For example, I can accept that the Leader got an enormous brain and intelligence from gamma radiation. No problem there. But him not needing some type of enormous neck brace to support that thing … inconceivable! He needs some sort of support.

    And yes, I can wait for the girls to see the next iteration! Ballsy move Siskoid. They’ll go nuts!

    Legion – the show was great if practically incomprehensible. It was madness on tap. But the acting and visuals were top notch.

    Lightmaster – this was the costume I would most likely wear in this episode. When I saw it before I listened, I thought to myself ‘I wonder if the girls are going to say the sun on his torso could also be a butthole?’ This is what this show has turned me into.

    As always, lots of laughs! I truly find this show remarkable!

  6. Leader: That head could use a Lawn Gnome style hat to keep warm. But I guess he spends most of his time in Arizona to fight the Hulk, so instead he’ll use lots of sunblock. Forehead sunburn ain’t pretty. It has no appeal.

    Legion: By having his hair go beyond the top of the panel, that does make my brain register him as super-tall, compared to other characters. But alas, it’s just artistic license. 5′ 9″, 130 lbs. Lord, that’s where each of my daughters measure at. Yes, they are string beans, like I was at that age before they invented fire.

    Lemuria: Sure.

    Lightmaster: Why do so many college Professors in the Marvel Universe make questionable choices? “My research is in jeopardy, what should I do? I know, I’ll threaten world-wide extinction! That’ll help me get tenure and a parking space!”

    Great show as always, Hot Squad!

  7. Thank you, Hot Squad, for another enjoyable edition of OHOTMU or NOT, the show where a 36 year old publication by nerds for nerds finds new, glorious life!

    My thoughts on the Leader are as follows (couldn’t resist): My affection for Hulk and his fellow gamma-irradiated kin stems from the fact that Hulk, Gargoyle, Abomination, and Leader are all monsterous characters.

    There is a more damning reason why Leader is a NOT beyond his freakish appearance and naked arrogance, however. He. Remembers. Everything. Can you imagine how infuriating that would make him during a lover’s quarrel?

    Legion: I absolutely lost it when I heard “Just long boys today…” Otherwise, the discussion about how progressive the concept of Legion was at his debut was fascinating. Equally groundbreaking (although, unfortunately for David, limiting) was making him the adult son of Professor Xavier. Exactly HOW LONG has Tattletale been in pre-school?!

    Lemuria: If this island group includes Monster Island, then this entry get an instant HOT from me. During quarantine, I have found my joy in discovering and watching 60 plus years of Godzilla movies. Lemuria has been my imaginary escape destination many times since the discovery of Covid-19.

    Lightmaster: Wait. Lightmaster’s trap against Spider-Man caused a blackout. Spider-Man lives in New York. Did Lightmaster black out New York City? Never mind the kidnapped city officials, what about all the poor New Yorkers stuck in elevators while this jerk plotted his revenge against Spider-Man? Forget this clown; he’ll always be a NOT!

    All in all, an entertaining show, as always. Can’t wait for the discussion that the Living Tribunal will generate!

  8. Another great laughter filled episode! Well done, everyone! You always bring the joy to the network and I always love that I leave with more fashion knowledge than I started with.

    Leader – I always get him confused with Hector Hammond. I guess I have stereotyped them down to “big head”. But, ladies, you know what they say about a man with a big head? A man with a big melomaniacal problem…… no, wait, that’s not how that goes…..

    Legion – I always get him confused with Jason Stryker. It’s the dichromatic eyes and the mental illusions, maybe? Also, having seen Dan Stevens in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Firesaga, I don’t think I could take him serious in Legion.

    Lightmaster – his head looks like a middle of a flower. Also, if he would still was made of light, he would age so much slower than the rest of us so an relationship with him would end up with you dying before he would. That’s depressing…….

    Thanks for the light based compliment! The first thing that popped in my head was Monty Python’s Oscar Wilde sketch, “Your Majesty is like a stream of bat’s piss……I merely meant, Your Majesty, that you shine out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark.” That’s the compliment I would give Lightmaster.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. How to complete the joke:

      I always get Lemuria confused with Atlantis.
      I always get Lightmaster confused with the Living Laser (guess who’s up next!).

      The Leader and Hector Hammond sure feel like they should have been paired up in Amalgam Comics.

      1. Amalgam Comics!!! Now’s there a line of comics I haven’t thought about in awhile. I remember Dark Claw because he fit perfectly in the ’90’s. Thanks for the blast from the past!

  9. Finally caught up with the show after months of listening!

    I cannot wait until the reveal of next generation Leader. THe poor man has some of the weirdest re-designs and the next one will certainly lead to some *ahem* interesting thoughts from the gang.

    The Legion entry really makes him look 7 feet tall. I hadn’t thought about it ever though until it was pointed out, probably because I encountered him long before this.

    In 35 years of comics, I was pretty sure this entry remains the only place I’ve seen Lightmaster, but I’ve read all of Dazzler at one point or another, so I must have seen him before. He’s just so unmemorable I don’t recall it at all.

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