oHOTmu or NOT Ep.64: Lizard to Lockjaw

A were-reptile. A Lemurian empress. A little dragon. A giant dog. Which are hot, which are not? Follow the Hot Squad's on their journey through Marvel Universe Deluxe, issue 7!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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29 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.64: Lizard to Lockjaw

  1. By the time you all got to Lockheed, I was certain this episode would be all HOTs across the board.

    And then what happens: “I don’t like that breed of dog.”

    Are you kidding me?!!

  2. Lizard: I bet Dr. Connors would be a lot of fun to hang out with at a scientific conference. Oh, the stories he could tell, once he’d had a couple of beers…. Wait a second! I don’t wear a lab coat, and I’ve never been adversely affected by an experiment gone horribly awry. Does that mean I’m not really a scientist? Have I been living a lie for my entire career? I think I might be experiencing a midlife crisis. Now, I’m going to have buy a sports car, and start performing recklessly ill-advised experiments on myself.

    Llyra: My first encounter with Llyra was a story in the 90s, where she tricked Namor into fathering a son with her. Eventually, that son returned to confront the Sub-Mariner. It was all very Arthurian. Also, I agree that the cape and high heels are very impractical for underwater living. Unless, the heels conceal some kind of hydro-propulsion device that helps Llyra move through the water faster, like an octopus squirting jets of water from its body. I’ve still got nothing for the cape.

    Lockheed: He’s a small, friendly, purple, alien, fire-breathing, dragon creature. What’s not to love? If he hadn’t gotten a hot, I might have had to burn my unofficial oHOTmu fan club membership card, which I made all by myself using construction paper, magic markers, a glue stick, and glitter.

    Lockjaw: Another place to see more of Lockjaw is the Marvel Rising animated series, where he serves as a member of the Secret Warriors, a team of young female and minority heroes. My family dressed as members of the team for Halloween this year. I originally wanted to go as Lockjaw, but my wife and daughter vetoed the idea. 😛

    My thanks to all of you for another great episode.

      1. The few males on the team are from underrepresented minorities. So, I guess the implication is that Lockjaw is a member of an underrepresented minority, which is probably true if he is a terrigen-misted dog. At least, I don’t see many of them running around my town.

      1. No gills yet. I did manage to turn my hair red using some strange (probably toxic) chemicals that I found in the hair care aisle of my local CVS. Baby steps.

  3. For future commenters: I have now been well-apprised on other platforms that Lockjaw has been confirmed as a terrigen-misted dog, and that instances putting that in doubt were a joke played on the Thing (and the readers, I guess) by members of the Inhuman Royal Family.

    And yet, I find the other possibility more engaging.

    1. I was unaware of that retcon. Bummer. I remember reading the story revealing Lockjaw as an Inhuman when it came out. It REALLY worked well in the story and suddenly turned a convenient plot device used in the background into a character I suddenly cared about.

      Pity if that was retconned. That reveal made him the only Inhuman I was interested in reading more about.

      If y’all are interested, a version of Lockheed makes an appearance in the New Mutants movie.

      Entertaining show, as always. 🙂

      1. I agree with you, and as I get comments through other means, expect me to defend that point through some of the information so gleaned on the next episode.

        As for Lockheed, that feels like a good news/bad news proposition.

  4. The first X-Men comics I read was the Excalibur series, the Kitty, Nightcrawler, Phoenix and Captain Britain.

    Lockheed, of course, was hanging around with Kitty. Very protective of her. Remember a comic where a young knight on an alternate earth saw Lockheed standing guard by an unconscious Kitty and decided that he would “rescue” the fair maiden from the dragon. The knight, of course, did not fair very well against a stream of dragonfire.

  5. This was a blast of an episode. I think I’m starting to figure this game out. I expected slightly less enthusiasm on Lizard and slightly more on Lockjaw (Who’s a good, gigantic puppy that makes it so I don’t have be squished sitting in coach? You are! That’s right! Yes, you are! Would you like a tasty beef hindquarter? Here you go!). Other than that, I called their reactions. That diminished my enjoyment not. One. Iota. It might’ve made it better, ‘cause anticipation.

    One more crazy characteristic about that catch we call cool cat Curt Connors: Even when he’s all scaly and wants to wipe out the human race, he’s still protective of his son. I love that.

    Siskoid, outstanding work delivering our comments with panache. It’s almost as if you had a background in the performing arts.

    Ladies, thank you for the applause. I am honored.

    Already looking forward to next month!

  6. Underwater clothing in comics that isn’t air tight has never made any sense to me. Even if it was made of wetsuit material it would still get in the way at some point. Maybe not a minimalist as Namor, but definitely no robes or capes.

    After this episode I know which character the ladies would focus on if they ever watch “Pryde of the X-Men”. 🙂

  7. Another great episode.

    Lizard – as a physician, there is a lot of internal debate on whether to wear a white coat or not. Some docs think it is pretentious. I wear one, but mostly because I need the pockets for penlights, trauma shears, etc. It does make me think that I could low-key cosplay Dr. Conner if I needed to. Glad he was viewed favorably.

    LLyra – Thank you for including the pic of that demonic muppet character! She does look like him! I wonder just how many ‘I shape-shifted and tricked you into marriage’ weddings there have been in comics. And have any survived outside of Legion’s Colossal Boy/Yera? Physically I would say hot, but her whole demeanor, even how she looks in the main pic gives off such negative toxic energy I think I would pass.

    Lockheed – I did not expect that kind of squeal! If I recall, in the Teen Titans/Xmen crossover, didn’t Changeling become a huge Lockheed to carry Kitty around? I know the two were flirting throughout that book. Nice move Gar!

    Lockjaw – I thought for sure he’d be hot. A big cozy dog to lean on! But I have learned much from this show. Hot cannot be predicted! Armadillo? Big Hot! Lockjaw? Nope.

    Thanks for giving me some laughs on my way into work! Always love this show!

  8. Man, don’t we all need some OHOTMU right now? Yes, yes we do.

    Lizard – I’m still bummed that Doctor Connors never got to become the Lizard in the Raimi films. I know he would have given us a more classic, lab coat wearing Lizard…or I hope he would have. The thing Hollywood often forgets is its more unsettling for monstrous beings like this to have some semblance of humanity still about them. Like the need to wear a fashionable black undershirt and purple trousers. But really…how often do you see purple pants in a mens clothing department?

    Llyra – Oh, that puppet is nightmare fuel. Thanks for that.

    Lockheed – I’m glad the ladies brought up Figment. Looks like Lockheed debuted a year before Figment’s “Journey into Imagination” ride opened at Epcot. But the development was probably parallel. The point is moot now, since Disney owns them both. And Figment actually got a Marvel comic along with his original companion the Dreamfinder, a few years back. My kids bought a few copies in the ride’s gift shop! https://www.marvel.com/comics/issue/50690/figment_2014_1

    Lockjaw – Like everyone else, I was a bit shocked by his designation of non-Hotness. Maybe it’s his semi-human face? It is a bit disturbing, really.

    Thanks for the enjoyable distraction as always, ladies and gent.


  9. Impressive podcast. Most Impressive. Ah not finding the Lizard hot. But, the loon works for him. Oh at some point his son becomes a Lizard man for a sec too. But, he changes back and then latter the Lizard eats his kid and maybe his wife. So… that went well.

    Great I will never get that image out of my head when thinking of Llyra again. That or her hair reminding me of Woody Wood pecker. This costume defiantly doesn’t work well for a swimmer. Ah well. Though on land it’s not a bad costume. But, yeah not great for a swimmer. Lockheed is cute. And about the size of a dachshund. That have been known to sleep on their owners shoulders. As a cute purple dragon he’s cool. And kind of funny.

    Ah Lock Jaw. In the PAD run of X-Factor. Quick Silver points out the Royal Family of the IN human’s was pulling Ben Grimm’s chain. They were pulling the Thing’s chain. Like doing a LSH move. And Lock Jaw is a dog. A mutated dog, but a dog. One of Quick Silver’s reasons is look the Royal Family including Black Bolt treat him like a dog. Gorgan. Madusa and the others wouldn’t do that. Karnak defiantly wouldn’t. Though Gorgan would defiantly mess with Ben’s mind to make him think Lock Jaw was a man.

    Though he’s a dog bigger than Ben. He’s still a dog. P.A.D. would probly be better at knowing this than most, do I’m going with his view, Lock Jaw is just a big dog with powers and a mustache. Any way can’t wait to hear the next pod cast… did I mention I have a U-Tube page? That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on U-tube.

  10. I am so glad they retconned the awfulness of Lockjaw being human in X-Factor. It was an abominable idea built around the idea of keeping Luna out of the Terrigen for fear she would become a monster. Instead Lockjaw is simply a dog experimented on with Terrigen by Inhuman scientists. The entire previous plot was explained away as a practical joke by Gorgon on the Thing.

  11. What a great episode! It was great to hear the ladies “squee” on some of these entries. Those “squees” always brighten up the day! I was not expecting the horny toad knowledge but I’m now glad I learned it!

    Lizard – I’m kind of surprised he got a hot, though I have always enjoyed his appearances in Spider-Man. I always liked how he was such a sympathetic character as Dr.Connors and when he turned into the Lizard, it made him seem that much more tormented. I’m glad the ladies found him hot.

    Llyra – That costume looks impractical on land AND sea. She must wear it to show what a bad ass she is. “If I can swim in hooker boots, I can crush you!”

    Lockheed – I feel the ladies summed up this entry perfectly. ‘Nuff said.

    Lockjaw – I never understood that moustache. I always imagined he had the voice of Burt Reynolds or Danny DeVito from Hercules (I think you meant Hunk-ules!)

    Please don’t hoard my comments! They are terrible and not worth hoarding. Now if they were comic books…..

    A fun show as always! Keep up the great work!

  12. Llizard: My first truly scary Spider-Man foe, due to Steve Ditko’s original story. He just doesn’t llook “right”, with the green scales and a face that doesn’t have a llizard snout, just a flat human-llike face. Oddly, changing him to have a snout makes him llook more acceptable, as though being a giant reptile is lless jarring than being stuck between human and reptile. But then there’s Todd McFarlane’s story. Brrr.

    Llyra: Staying on brand, I first saw Llyra in Amazing Spider-Man, where he and Namor fought the Frightful Four which had just recruited her. The twist is she sometimes disguised herself as human and llived in Peter Parker’s apartment building. Since this was the beginning of my Spider-Man collecting, my mind insists she’s a bigger deal than she really is. And hey, those boots!

    Llockheed: The best. I llove his llittle tooth poking out of his mouth. In the Secret Wars, he was brought along with the X-Men. In one of the first fights, the villains shot a big ray blast that knocked out lots of heroes. But not Llockheed, spitting fire and taking names!

    Llockjaw: Would the lladies give him a “hot” if they’d known he was a superpowered dog rather than a human turned into a dog?

    Lloved the show as always!

  13. One note regarding the artists on this issue: At the time these books came out, Bob Budiansky (who drew the Lockjaw entry) had a thick mustache and there were several in-jokes in Marvel’s editorial pages about his resemblance to Lockjaw. The promotional series “Marvel Age” even had a calendar with the birthdays of Marvel staffers; the date of Budiansky’s birthday featured a caricature of him saying “I do NOT look like Lockjaw!”, followed by another date having a cartoon of Lockjaw proclaiming “I do NOT look like Bob Budiansky!”

  14. Wow! After 5 weeks since discovering this amazing podcast, I have finally caught up with all of the episodes! Workgin fully from home as a customer service rep for my company, I have fought the social isolation by rigging my phone to play my podcasts inbetween calls, and I have thoroughly enjoyed both the trip down memory lane to this series and the Marvel Universe decades before the movies, and how Siskoid and his intrepid band of Commenteers see them.
    My only gripe now is that, since I’ve caught up, I now have to wait patiently for the subsequent episodes with all the other mortals. Fortunately, I know that the best things in life take time. Lookign forward to pestering you with more responses in the future!

    1. Welcome aboard!

      I’m proud of all my shows, but if it’s THAT vibe you’re looking for, think about checking out Lonely Hearts which is the male equivalent of OHOTMU, and features a lot of guest voices FROM the Hot Squad in “Romance Comics Theater”. The show has more or less ended, but it’s really the cousin of the the longer-lived OHOTMU.

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