oHOTmu or NOT Ep.71 Supplemental

Here are the relevant images from this episode of oHOTmu or NOT?

You can follow along! Here are the characters we cover in this episode.

"Can You Dig It?" (Theme for oHOTmu or NOT?) by Brian Tyler.

Bonus clips from: Doctor Who's "The Eleventh Doctor", starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan; "Thor: The Dark World Comedy Central Loki Promos", starring Tom Hiddleston; "Man-Thing" by Ten 1 feat. Eve; "Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2" by James Gunn, starring Pom Klementieff, Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista; "Barrett's Privateers" by Stan Rogers; "If You Ain't a Newfie" by Hubert Jr Strickland & Route 480.

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