oHOTmu or NOT Ep.72: Marvel Girl to Master

Professor X's first student. An evil campus. A boy of variable density. An immortal Canadian villain. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad will tell you as they continue reading the eighth issue of Marvel Universe Deluxe.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amélie.

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27 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.72: Marvel Girl to Master

  1. HI! I’m New Mutant and I would LOVE to verify what Siskoid was told about Jean Grey’s current relationship with Scott and Logan.


    Example 1: In the new iteration of the X-Books, X-Men #1 by Jonathan Hickman shows a schematic of the Summer House on the moon where Scott resides with his brothers Alex & Gabriel, his children Rachel & Nathan, and Wolverine. The rooms are in groups of 3 bubbles. All are separate, except Scott, Jean and Logan’s, which are adjoined by a doorway. https://comicnewbies.com/2019/10/17/the-summer-house-krakoan-biome/

    Example 2: In Giant Sized X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost, Jean and Emma take a psychic trip into Storm’s mind to help find out why she’s passed out. On the way to Storm’s chamber, Scott is walking Jean up to the door, where Wolverine happens to also be waiting. Jean steps away from Scott to kiss Wolvie. Then she joins Emma intot he chamber while Scott and Wolvie wait outside for their return. https://www.reddit.com/r/comicbooks/comments/f9uuno/hickman_you_madman_you_cant_keep_teasing_us_like/

    Example 3: In X-Force #10, Jean is super unhappy at the X-Force team’s mission statement, so she registers the objection even as she helps rescue everyone. After it’s all over, she destresses with Wolvie in a hottub over a shared beer, and then they set to smooching. https://comicbook.com/marvel/news/x-force-10-wolverine-jean-grey-hot-tub-scene-marvel-x-men/

    Bonus Example: Scott and Wolvie are okay with the arrangement, and there have been hot takes that Scott & Logan are also sharing 1 on 1 fun times too. https://twitter.com/NewMutant/status/1416174524412923907?s=20


    1. In responce to Elise’s query about why MARVEL GIRL was killed in the first place, well, thereby hangs a tale:

      It was mandated by Jim Shooter, X-Men’s then editor, that Jean had to die as punishment for eradicating an alien planet of broccoli people. Writer Chris Claremont and artist John Byrne made the most of the situation, thus launching The Dark Phoenix Saga into the legendary story thay has been botched by 20th Century Fox twice.

      Shooter insisted Jean remain deceased unless she could somehow be absolved of her cosmic genocide. It was future comics scribe Kurt Busiek who supplied a fan theory suggesting that Phoenix was a separate intelligence impersonating Jean Grey the whole time.

      When Marvel was hot to launch a spin-off book featuring the original X-Men, Busiek’s suggestion was made cannon. John Byrne later hosted a Marvel staff party where Shooter was burned in effigy, but that’s another story…

  2. I expect a “Penis: There’s Nothing Else Like It” shirt in the F&W merch store within the next few days.

    It was fun to hear the girl’s reaction to being dropped into the middle of a retcon with Jean/Phoenix. It’s another one of those things us nerds take for granted, but less-engrained readers would rightly be taken aback by the casual dismissing of past lore.

    Am I the only one who looks at the Power Pack boots and thinks they are made from recycled water bottles?

    Peripheral vision is not a concern in two-dimensional comics, hence the cone of shame design on many costumes. See the DC villain Warp.


    1. I always thought the Power Pack boots were inflatable, like those armbands little kids use in swimming pools, which wouldn’t preclude them from being made of recycled water bottles. WARNING: Power Pack boots are not intended to be used as personal flotation devices!

  3. Another great episode …

    Marvel Girl – probably second on my list of Marvel Girl crushes. When X2 came out I tried to explain Jean and the Phoenix to a normal non-comic human and after a 15 minute conversation about possession, replacement, etc , he just gave up. I thought these original X-Factor outfits were pretty solid design wise. I love the Marvel Girl one with the wonky yellow mask and green dress, I love the Phoenix version, I love the New Xmen one by Frank Quitely. Plus all the ones I don’t particularly care for – the Black Queen, All New X-Men, 90s version, etc. Siskoid could do a whole show just on Jean’s looks.

    The Master – boy, there was a lot of penis talk on this one. Yes, it is interesting that the bulk of it is a venous plexus which engorges to the point of solidity. I thought after The Master failed megalomaniac he decided to just relax and became a fisherman. Wasn’t he the Master Baiter?

  4. This was a fun episode and everyone was on point! It’s another great day when oHOTmu comes out!

    Marvel Girl – I’m sure I won’t be the only one to say this (Anj already beat me to it!) but I have such a big crush on Marvel Girl, or more specifically, Phoenix. I’m not the biggest X-fan, but the whole Phoenix Saga and, later, the start of X-Factor solidified my love for Jean Grey. She always seemed like the most capable and sane of all the X-people. Also, how come not Grey comma Jean?

    Massachusetts Academy – I always look forward to these location entries. I don’t know why I find it so funny when you are trying to determine the hotness of an area. “Look at that footbridge! Rrrowr!”

    Mass Master – What an odd pose for a child. He looks like he’s posing for an Eaton’s Summer catalogue. If he was a true young boy, he would be sticking his butt at the camera and making fart noises.

    Master- Ugh, this dingus. As mentioned in my last comments, I hate what he did to Marrina and I hate him as a major Alpha Flight villain. Though, I guess that’s the point? The anatomy lesson was fantastic. It was hilarious listening to the ladies trying to determine, exactly, what a penis is. To be fair, it just dawned on me what every lady must feel like when seeing a male gynecologist. Do you even know what’s going on down below, bro?

    Thanks, Shotgun, for the awesome compliment! I wish I could get into any university/college. Can I sign up for the Hot Squad’s Anatomy 101 class?

    Another fantastic episode everyone! Keep up the great work!

        1. Alan, I don’t have any experience either, but I understand internal plumbing has its own hassles — hassles I want no part of, thank you.

          1. Fair point, actually! I’ve seen videos where they put menstrual cramp simulators on guys, who then double over wailing for the sim to stop, then put the same on girls who are like “What is this? This is NOTHING compared to a cramp.”

  5. OHOTMU or NOT! Come for the comics, stay for the penile anatomy discussions!

    How does MARVEL GIRL maintain that amazingly fluffy hair and keep her breasts from marring the “X” line of her uniform? My “Boob Physics No Prize” explanation is that she is always unconsciously manipulating her hair and breasts into aestetically perfect forms with her telekinesis. The finely sculpted butt comes from regular exercise with plenty of squats and deadlifts. Either way, Jean exeedingly HOT!

    You would think a college run by a headmistress with a penchant for wearing bondage corsets would automatically rank as Hot. However, I’m with the ladies on this one; the MASSACHUSETTS ACADEMY is NOT where it’s at.

    Jack Power reminds me of the boys I ran around with when I was a child. Despite being a rather obnoxious 8-year-old, Jack has a good heart, much like those of my childhood friends. We all matured into responsible, loving adults and were he allowed to age, I believe Jack would too. MASS MASTER, therefore, ranks as HOT in my book.

    I wonder if the MASTER was named after the novel “Master of the World” by Jules Verne about a terrorist with a miraculous all-terrain airship. I’ll admit ignorance when it comes to Alpha Flight, but given the reading slog that is this entry, I’d say the hottest Canadian villain of OHOTMU is still Graviton. The Master is clearly NOT.

    Thanks again for another fun and informative show. You all earn a HOT ranking from me!

  6. Thank you all for taking me back to my ninth grade health class. Between “boob physics” and the prudish blood vessel charts, it was like I was transported back in time 30 years. Of course now I’m expecting “It is?!?!” after just about every statement on anatomy. 😉

    Hopefully I’ll continue to be enjoyable on the mythology side of things when you EVENTUALLY get back to it. I’m sure I’ll have something to say when you get to Merlin (or however they end up spelling it).

  7. Marvel Girl: When you were describing her entry, I first thought that she was being shown using telekinesis to peel an apple, while deflecting a mace at the same time. I thought, “Wow! That takes some real nerves of steel.” Then, I looked at the gallery post, and saw that those were two separate panels. Still, she does have excellent knife skills.

    My favorite depiction of the Phoenix Saga, outside of comics, is from the 90s X-Men cartoon show. Perhaps, it’s because they were able to devote the better part of a season to the story, and didn’t have to cram all of it into a 2-hour long movie.

    Thanks for another remarkable episode.

  8. Great episode as always, Siskoid. Listening to you and the girls is always like visiting with old friends — really hilarious old friends.

    I thought the Master’s story had “a bit of an odor to it,” as another geek-loved property would say. So, I looked at Wikipedia and the Canadian Encyclopedia (new to me, probably not to you). Apparently, there are archaeologists who argue that people first settled in North America 40,000 years ago, but that’s definitely the very early end of the estimate range.

    The Inuit piece is a little more clear-cut. Anthropologists believe the Inuits established themselves as a distinct people about 1,000 years ago. So, the Master saying that he was in what is now Canada 40,000 years ago is marginally plausible, but if so, he likely wasn’t Inuit. He was an immigrant or the descendant of relatively recent immigrants (give or take a thousand years) from Siberia or Mongolia.

    Of course, he could’ve been generalizing all indigenous people of the north under that label to dumb it down for his audience, but I think it more likely that he is mendacious. He’s probably an ice road trucker who got lost, found an alien ship, got his brain zapped by the resident AI, and came up with a more impressive story.

    I hope you are enjoying your fleeting summer. Thanks again. I’m looking forward to next month!

  9. Well, sure. Man, I’m sorry I didn’t read the entry. Now I see that it implies he himself crossed the land bridge, so even my suspicion at his timeline is far less justified. Please forget everything after the first two sentences, and as Emily Litella used to say on SNL, “Never mind.”

    1. No no, it really is my fault. Sometimes I try to “simplify” things because the cast forgets actually salient points in my written blurb, and this may have been a case of over-simplification. Where’s my sword so I can fall on it some more?

      1. Oh, gee, I had borrowed it, and now my blood’s all over it from doing the same thing. If it helps, I lead a low-risk lifestyle when it comes to blood-borne pathogens.

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