oHOTmu or NOT Ep.73: Mastermind to Masters of Evil

A mutant illusionist. A floating head. The man with the demon arms. The Avengers' archenemies. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad will tell you as they continue reading the eighth issue of Marvel Universe Deluxe.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Shotgun, and Amélie.

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16 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.73: Mastermind to Masters of Evil

  1. I wonder if any of the X-Men writers have ever given as much deep thought to Mastermind’s abilities as the girls here have?

    Speaking of X-Men, is it just me or does Master Order look like Cosmic Charles Xavier?

    Master Pandemonium as Christopher Lee? Why not? Loved “The Devil Rides Out/Devil’s Bride” clip! Waiting for the WandaVision kid puppets to come up!

    Minor nerd quibble, the headshots of Baron Zemo 1 and 2 are swapped. Baron 1 had the more crown-like headpiece, while young Helmut had the funky head-phone gear. Love those Maguire head shots, though!


  2. Mastermind – When Chris Claremont and John Byrne established his real name and came up with the idea of his using a more-handsome illusory appearance, they based his new look on a British actor named Peter Wyngarde, who had starred in a 1970s TV series called “Jason King.” They gave Mastermind the hairstyle and facial hair that Wyngarde sported in that series, and combined the first name of the character and the last name of the actor to make Mastermind “Jason Wyngarde.”

  3. I HAVE BEEN CALLED OUT!!! I was planning on commenting on Mass Master, but I was probably was too upset that you all burnt down my son Jack. Boy does not get the love he deserves.

    I have been on vacation, kinda lazy on responding when I should be, but I would never…NEVER…miss out on hearing you lovely ladies tearing down my childhood.

    Keep up the laughs and fun.


  4. Another fun episode!

    Mastermind – what a creep! As mentioned above, I have never thought about how taxing his powers are. I mean, when he was seducing Jean, he had basically completely altered the landscape. Does he have to concentrate? Does the victim ‘fill in’ some of the details on their own? Anyways, he is a not.

    Master Order – any time someone is depicted as an intense head, it just looks like their constipated. C’mon dude, eat some cosmic prunes. You’ll feel better.

    Master Pandemonium – I only really know him from the Byrne West Coast Avengers run. Interesting two pieces of his soul were placed in Wanda’s fake babies. I also think of them as Horcrux pieces even though he predates Potter by a decade. And yes, he must have industrial strength wax/glue to keep that mustache that way. Side question – hotter mustache: Pandemonium? Or Diablo?

    As for the Masters of Evil, I’m a huge fan of the magenta ski mask Baron Zemo wears and wish I had one for real. Can’t wait to hear the indepth conversation about The Shocker!

  5. Great episode as always, team. Thank you for what you do.

    Mastermind – Glad this was a not. He’s a creep. Sorry for belaboring the obvious.

    Master Order – He’s all right, I guess. He won’t let me in his office since I accidentally — and simultaneously — broke two desk toys and a wall plaque. But that’s understandable, really. I just had no idea he was so proud of being named “Personified Abstract Concept of the Quarter.”

    Master Pandemonium – I don’t know where to start.

    Masters of Evil – I think they’re a “hot,” but I’m biased. Maguire did his usual outstanding job of making everyone look distinct and the women look gorgeous. I didn’t even know there was a female Yellowjacket, but I’ve looked her up now.

  6. The girls don’t like Master Order because they, in fact, are agents of CHAOS.
    Canadian Hilarity As Organized Sport.

  7. Impressive pod cast most impressive. I wonder if they made mastermind a.k.a. Jason Wyngarde Just more like the actor he was based on Peter Wyngarde. From his role in Flash Gordon. That was kind of a cool custom. I only remember that, because I just watched the life after flash movie on one of those streaming services. The movie was actually about Sam J. Jones. But, they talked to many of his costars throughout and about the movie itself. And of course Peter Wyngarde was one of the people they talk to. There was thought of as a style icon in his day. Not seeing it the way they dress mastermind. Though the tops not bad. They just look like it’s on top of those boring brown suit ever. Like he was working on a Robin Hood cosplay and couldn’t find anything except the jackets registered over his suit. Considering I spent to just create a giant wall of ice and freeze all of the master minds they been just knock about it leisure. I don’t think that illusion would work very well if Bobby Drake thought about it for a minute. Master ordered well of course he has had look on his face. He’s a floating head

    The lives all of his life and times is this his head flagrantly universe. In his only friend is this weird looking thing that is chaos personified. At any rate now that we know he fights death. I kind of feel sorry for him. After all death dates dead pool. In the comics. Copycat did date dead pool for a while. But, unlike in the movies it didn’t work out as well. Also in the comics she has the ability to look like anyone. Whereas in the movies she has no powers. Any rate back to what I was talking about with dead pool dating death. Think about it if death looks dead pool use cosmic powers the amount of chaos he could cause. He might even steal the infinity gauntlet. And then he and death could use their powers to make master order and master chaos sing Bohemian Rhapsody with them. And do other messed up things. This port being master order. By choosing death as his enemy he has to deal with her boyfriend dead pool. Thanos does not count since he’s just a stalker.

    Master pandemonium looks like he has two croissants stuck to his head. He looks like a ramus stereo costume just gone wrong. Are these the newest Lucia wrestler in AAA and he’s preparing to have a match with Silver King. Not seeing this guy as Christopher Lee. Maybe some guy for a B-movie film. Also he’s not tall enough. If you look at the height he’s only 6 foot one. So this guy can’t be based on Christopher Lee. The anvil studio might be a joke on hammer pictures. But, this guy does not fit the Christopher Lee mold. Also he’s stupid. Just cause he lost an arm’s he damned himself? He could again a prosthetic. Had weird things made for his arm so he can continue filming his career as an actor. Since he made horror movies. Also he lives in the Marvel universe. He’s got money they could of had a great prosthetic arm and still make money. Not as a tailored and he wears this ugly ass outfit. Red and orange ? Was he the evil version of Ronald McDonald ?

    These got this weird Klingon facial hair croissants on his mask and he’s dressed in red and orange. Was this from a canceled kiss horror movie? This is to be the villain in the sequel to Phantom of the fair? The big star in his midsection isn’t stupid enough he asked to add to metal bands to frame it. And then another set of metal framing bands on his boots. And then he has the Cape and the bell bottom like sleeves on his shirt.

    I was going to move on the Masters of evil or pretty cool. Though crimson cowl does look like evil orco from the He-man cartoon. Whirlwinds helmet isn’t great but at least he’s not dressed like the melter. The melter looks like a reject from the electric company Spiderman segments. Females costume has never been great until he got into live-action. For whatever reason they were able to make that work on the Capt. America and Winter soldier TV show. Executioner looks fine kind of like a fourth member of the Legion of doom. Earth the road warriors version not the cartoon. Screaming Mimi got cooler once the Masters of evil became thunderbolts. Under siege was a great comic book story in the avengers. But, the Masters of evil becoming the thunderbolts is kind of their greatest plan that came to fruition. It only fails because most of the members decided they want to become heroes instead of villains. Evening turning beetle into mach one. I’m not sure how Marvel got away with egghead. Unless he came out at the same time or before the 60s Batman TV show. Where Vincent priced played egghead.

    A different egghead. Which makes one of the three characters that somehow Marvel and DC both have a version of. There is a egg head Here, the enchantress, and scarecrow . Though Marvel has at least two versions of the scarecrow. Then again so does DC. With the well-known version of the now probably public domain character that Disney once put out as a TV show. At the same time Hammer films made a movie version of that version of the scarecrow with your cushion playing the hero scarecrow. That only happened because hammer couldn’t make and I am legend movie at that time due to censorship in the UK. So they just repurposed the title for a scarecrow movie. Back to whirlwind I don’t know his helmet kind of looks like the butterfly sex toy. He spends really fast that he can vibrate as well. Maybe he made the custome hoping he could get a date with gigantia when the next Marvel and DC crossover happened. On that note I think I will end this message. Can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

    1. Marvel’s Egghead predates Batman 66’s by at least 5 years.

      As for Master P. being based on Christopher Lee, I don’t think I said that. Just that it’s the kind of career Pandemonium might have had of Anvil Studios was anything like Hammer. I also don’t think he made a deal with the devil because he lost his arm – he was hanging upside down in a car on the edge of a cliff bleeding out at the time. I don’t think it was vanity.

      1. Ah ok cool. Ah I may have miss understood. Still not the greatest of choices on his part. I haven’t read that issue. But, it doesn’t read like that from the text. But, who knows? I just never liked him much as a villain. And other than his West Coast Avengers stuff I mostly skipped him. So I could be wrong.

  8. Lots of fun as ever oHOTMu crew! And I’m excited to hear there will be even more oHOTmu over the coming months! Double the hotness! Now on to the entries…..

    Mastermind – What a schlub. Even by Hellfire Club standards, this guy is super creepy. A whole lot of non-consensual awwww hell no!

    Master Order – I love, for such a grand conceptual idea, the ladies couldn’t get past the head.

    Master Pandemonium – The small inset pic looks like a dance number starring MP and his Solid Demon Dancers!

    Masters of Evil – I’m here for the Kevin Maguire art! It’s too bad it’s just head shots as I think he would done great with the body language with some of these morts. I love how Blackout is the only one who seems happy to be here. And since I was a Spider-Man reader and not an Avenger reader, the Wrecking Crew will always be Spidey villains to me. And I’ve really enjoyed whenever they’ve battled Spidey. They aren’t the smartest crew, but it’s always a fun story when they show up.

    “Got to rep the beaver”….. I must say, this is the phrase that broke me. And should also be our national motto. I may not have a beaver head, but I will do my best to rep the beaver. Which now I realize sounds like a ’90’s ad for Roots clothing.

    You crew are the best! I laugh so hard every time. Keep up the great work!

  9. The idea that Master Order should manifest as something more “orderly” than a human face reminded me of a storyline in DC’s Sandman series. Whereas Marvel incarnated these abstract concepts as individuals, DC’s equivalents, the Lords of Order and Chaos, represented them as committees. In this Sandman story, several pantheons sent ambassadors to Dream’s realm. The representative of the Lords of Order manifested itself in an appropriately orderly form: a cardboard box. (The representative of the Lords of Chaos took the form of a small child…the perfect incarnation of chaos!)

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