oHOTmu or NOT Ep.74: Maximus to Mentallo

An Inhuman leader. A green lady. A heroine with amazing hair. A HYDRA telepath. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad will tell you as they continue reading the eighth issue of Marvel Universe Deluxe.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amélie

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13 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.74: Maximus to Mentallo

  1. Maximus: I never watched The Inhumans TV series because I heard word it was SO bad. Interesting to learn they portrayed Maximus in a way that viewers actually rooted for him, and not the “heroes”. I do recall seeing Medusa spent a good deal of time with her head shaved…which kind of defeats the purpose. Probably much easier on the FX, though.

    Mayhem: I couldn’t remember if she was really supposed to be green or that was a goof. In the miscolored image, her enemies have green skin, so someone REALLY goofed up when setting the colors up for this issue!

    Medusa: Was this the most universal hot ever? Not surprising, because this is a goregous image of the character, and I think most fans who admire the female form have always had a thing for this character. I was surprised to learn a while back that Medusa has had a romance with Johnny Storm, the Human Torch in recent times. Not sure if her and Black Bolt split, or there’s more of that “sharing” going on like in the current X-Men comics. I know Johnny long held a torch (ahem) for Medusa’s sister Crystal. I guess Johnny is just making his way through the family?

    Metallo: I was expecting a “The Fresh Maker” joke. Not Sugar Ray. But that’s the wonder of this show! I didn’t expect a Bratz reference either!


    1. Chris, this revelation about Medusa and Johnny Storm shocked me, so I looked it up. Apparently, Medusa and Black Bolt were separated at the time. Nevertheless, neither Black Bolt nor Crystal were happy about it, and Johnny and Medusa broke up rather than keep hurting everyone’s feelings.

  2. Maximus: His occupation entry should be updated to read, “group project leader and golf instructor.”

    Medusa: I was pleased to hear the group’s reaction to Medusa. I did watch the short-lived Inhumans TV series, and really wanted to like it. Unfortunately, I realized the show was off to a bad start when they shaved Medusa’s hair off in the first episode. Yeah, let’s depower what should be the coolest character on the show. Great idea, guys.

    Thanks for another fantastic episode.

  3. Lots of fun everyone! Siskoid and the ladies are always fantastic and I can’t get enough!

    Maximus – This guy is bonkers and terrible. I feel this guy plays every sport just once. Tries it, gets beat down, declares everyone is cheating, then takes his ball and goes home. I remember the Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee Inhumans series (because I got to work on the motion comic!) featured Maximus and he was NOT dressed so awesome in that series. He was just a big a loser, but no passion for fashion!

    Mayhem – I don’t know anything about this lady but her story seems really interesting and I want to know more.

    Medusa – A bad-ass redhead queen? A total hot from me. I’m not a big fan of the Inhumans, but Medusa is the one constant that made me want to read Inhuman stories. Well, her and Lockjaw. She just seemed the most “real” to me. Someone who had a interesting personality that I wanted to know better. I really enjoyed her in the somewhat recent FF series with Ant-Man, She-Hulk, and Darla Deering.

    Mentallo – Well, I’m not going to defend this mort but at least he looks like he’s having fun. I feel you don’t get too many entries where the character is smiling.

    That was….. uhh… a good compliment, I guess? There was something about a birthright and commenting? Well, I guess I will just say you ladies are bright and verdant. Lettuce not beat around the bush, lime a huge fan of this show. Green!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Medusa’s such a hot, and your reactions to her were so apt, there’s really nothing to add. And your assessments of everyone else were pretty spot on, also. I’ll only add that Maximus, used correctly, is more interesting than he sounds. He has schemes and variable loyalties like Loki, but with extra helpings of crazy and genius.

    This was a great episode for great lines — even more so than usual. My three favorites are as follows:
    3. “Some things in life just can’t be fixed.”
    2. “I have so many questions, and no desire to hear any of the answers!”
    1. “I love everything about that comment” — said about my Master Order comment, so of course that’s why I liked it. Who said it?

    Thanks for this month’s joyous installment!

  5. Maximus: His face is very much peak “Kirby crazy maniac”. So he’s not mad, he’s just drawn that way. (Great, badly paraphrasing quotes. Nice start, Time P.)

    Mayhem: You know, lots of metahumans in the Marvel comics are homeless. They can’t exist in normal society, but have to do something to survive. So yes, homeless metas. Cloak & Dagger being the most prominent ones. So that’s sadly the short answer to “Can Mayhem have a job? Where does she live?” But even Marvel with its “window to the world” approach doesn’t dig into that too deeply, as it’s super uncomfortable to show, and definitely not to glamorize.

    Medusa: So now let’s talk about the one-percenter queen who lives literally above all of us on the moon! Oh, Medusa is an immediate “hot” with me. I’ve read her first appearance recently, and wow, she was awesome ass-kicker glamor from the beginning.

    Mentallo: See, his big mistake is his code name doesn’t resemble his civilian name enough. If it was Marflummo, now we’d talking! Well, maybe laughing more than talking.

    Thanks for the laughs, hot squad!

    1. Tim, haven’t seen your comments in a while (though I may have been looking at the wrong episodes). Good to have you back.

      it’s a fine paraphrase, cleverly using rhyme and the fact that both characters are visually portrayed through line art. We respect puns around here, Tim. And by “we,” I mean at least Dr. Anj, Martin Gray, Siskoid, some members of the Hot Squad, and me.

  6. Another great episode!

    I have to laugh at Maximus who clearly is a guy trying to find his look. I can picture him trying to figure out which clothes trend to jump on. ‘Hmmm, big ass helmets are in this year. I’ll show them. I’ll get the biggest helmet ever!’ I don’t think any of them particularly work.

    Medusa – boy that was about as universal a hot I have heard on this show. I have always been more into Crystal than Medusa. I just imagine her hair being everywhere, clogging the bath drain.

    Mentallo – definitely the ‘what would Anj wear’ winner of the episode. I love the utilitarian red jump suit. But it is the wild goggles that make it for me. The need for eyewear at work given the pandemic has allowed me to buy ridiculous goggles to wear should the clinical scenario call for them. I wish I could have these ones!

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