oHOTmu or NOT Ep.75: Mentor to Mesmero

An Eternal leader. The Devil himself. A classic wizard. Yet another mind controller. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad will tell you as they continue reading the eighth issue of Marvel Universe Deluxe.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amélie

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16 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.75: Mentor to Mesmero

  1. “Not a sponsor. There are other beers available.”

    Way to protect the Network, Nath, good job!

    Great episode! I loved how ready some of the girls were to fuck the devil.

  2. Nothing like OHOTMU to perk up a sleepy Tuesday.

    Mentor: A silver fox look can overcome a hideous costume color/scheme combo. Check.

    Mephisto: I guess your soul is worth access to a good hip bone. Who knew?

    Merlin: Cloud beard for the win. But don’t bother straightening it!

    Mesmero: Yeah, I don’t blame them at all for this one. Pretty hideous.


  3. Step right up! Don’t miss our amazing attractions in this episode!

    Mentor – “He looks like he smells like an old man, but not an old-old man. 40 to 55.” I feel attacked.

    Merlin – I am so glad, as a huge Arthurian nut, that they retconned the Merlin that Thor fought into an impostor. The idea of the “real” Merlin having plans within plans in order to get Captain Britain to be born makes a lot of sense. He had plans in Arthurian times, too. If only they (mainly Arthur) had listened to him things would have turned out better.

        1. One of them said something which I cut in editing for whatever reason (usually clarity, when you have this many voices overlapping). I don’t wear any scent so I was excluded from the Old Spice set. I do think it’s a cliché that better qualifies OUR fathers, but that’s remained an impression of men of a certain age (who are now in their 70s).

  4. Great show as always, ladies and gentleman. I really appreciated the strong and well-articulated moral stances that Mesmero provoked. We shouldn’t have to point out that treating people the way Mesmero does is wretched, but we do, and I appreciate the Hot Squad for doing it so unequivocally (“fun way” caveat notwithstanding).

  5. Another hilarious episode.

    Mentor – I’d rather be an old man than an old old man. But I’d rather be a young man than an old man. (Shedding a single tear.)

    Mephisto – he does look rather lithe in this entry, almost like a ballerina sort of body. So I suppose it makes sense that he veers into the hot category. He does get mentioned in all the Marvel things as a probable villain, even the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

    Merlin – this is such a classic look. I practically hear him singing ‘Higitus Figitus’ from Sword in the Stone. And great grab by Marvel to get Bolland to draw him. Such a solid piece of art. As crazy as it sounds, if I had to pick one of these outfits to wear, it would probably be this one. Insanity.

    Mesmero – such a resounding NOT ! I have toyed with the idea of getting a derby sort of hat but that wide striped rim around it is ridiculous.

    Thanks again for the great show!

  6. What an artist lineup this episode! Jim Starlin! John Buscema! Brian Bolland! Walt Simonson! Move over, Professor Richards, there’s another Fantastic Four in town!

    A few thoughts about Merlin and old wizards: The pointed hat has been a long standing accessory in various histories and cultures. In medieval Europe, Jews were sometimes mandated to wear pointed hats when traveling outside of their home neighborhoods to be easily identified by fearful and racist Gentiles. Some images of Jewish kabala mystics depict the magi much like a stereotypical wizard, with long robes and beard, wearing a pointed hat. Whether the literary Merlin was Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, or Christian is up for debate.

    The conical shape was believed to stimulate the brain; to serve, in effect, as a literal “thinking cap”. The dunce cap, used to admonish unruly children in school, is a gross inversion of the thinking cap, ridiculing a student by suggesting that such a tyke requires a brain-stimulating hat to act civilized.

    In The Daredevils #1 (a Marvel U.K. magazine with original Captain Britain comics by Alan Moore and Alan Davis) Merlin is presented as a shape-changer with many different appearances, including the criminal Merlin who fought Thor in a ridiculous purple robe covered in stars and cresents. The comic suggests all forms of Merlin are the same wizard, choosing to manifest his presence in various ways throughout time and space.

    Incidentally, “Cloudbeard” is a pretty cool name for a wizard.

  7. Well done, everyone! It’s another happy day with more oHOTmu goodness. “Some men have penises going for them and some men have penises going against them.” I have heard something similar before when someone told me, “Some men are Richards and some men are just Dicks.”

    Mentor – I loved all the old man talk but I just can’t with that crotch rag.

    Mephisto – This just reinforces my stereotype that all ladies are attracted to the bad boy.

    Merlin – I hate it when old men don’t cut their nails. “I’ve got a wand right here and I’m ready to go.” sounds like Merlin’s pickup line.

    Mesmero – I have nothing to say about this dingus, but I want to say I would buy the snot out of a Pit-Man series, Siskoid!

    Hahahaha, Sideshow Mike! With being in lockdown for so long, I DO feel like I’m just sitting in a cage, behind a desk. How have all of you been handling the pandemic? Hopefully these recording sessions are providing just as much entertainment for you as it is for the rest of us!

    You are all awesome! Keep up the great work!


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