oHOTmu or NOT Ep.93: The Lemonade Special

The tradition after every second issue: We revisit issues 9 and 10 of the Official Handbook and look at what happened to some of those characters after 1985. Especially fashion-wise. Which are still Hot, which are still Not, and which have been redeemed or condemned? But wait! We're also looking back at Who's Who issues 1 and 2! Visit the lemonade stand and join us, won't you?

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Shotgun, and Amelie.

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12 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.93: The Lemonade Special

  1. I’m waiting on someone in the group to file a patent on a nipple sun dial.

    A few thoughts:

    Ms. Marvel – The rumor mill is swirling that the Thing in the MCU Fantastic Four film may be a female version, with Mila Kunis’ name being bandied about. But I think at least her casting has been squashed. But, we may be seeing Sharon Ventura’s story on our movie screens in the next few years.

    Professor X – Interesting that Charles wore Jean’s Phoenix outfit at one time (which I honestly wasn’t aware of). I believe in the 80s Chris Claremont tried to include some scenes in 80s comics that Charles like to cross-dress, but Marvel editors put the kibosh on that.

    Punisher – I wasn’t aware of this look. The craziest thing I think they did with Frank Castle was having Wolverine’s evil son Dakken literally chop him to bits, and have someone put him back together as, a no-fooling, Frankenstein-like monster that Marvel actually dared to call “Franken Castle”. And that’s from a character that was once ressurected as a spirit of vengance type character, and also one who once had his skin color changed to black!

    Hank Pym – Glad the girls got to see the “Mr. Pockets” version of Hank. Hasbro is coming out with an action figure of this version in a West Coast Avengers box set. Timing!

    Quasar – I was unaware of the new female version, and I like her!

    Amythest – That great third look reminds me a lot of She-Ra, which isn’t a bad thing!

    Aqualad – I think the switch to shades of blues was based on the animated Teen Titans series’ take on the character, which was in turn influenced somewhat like Aquaman’s camoflauge suit. In the TT animated series, Starfire and Raven thought Garth was quite the hunk.

    Aquaman – The girls may be impressed with Aquaman’s bulge, but the “Birds of Prey” from Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series episode “The Mask of Matches Malone”, were apparently not! Somehow they got away with the Huntress singing about his “little fish” and using her finger to provide a visual reference. This is probably the reason this episode was NOT aired initially in the US on Cartoon Network.

  2. What’s better than my favorite comic character getting a “Hot”? Getting a “Still Hot”!

    I’m not a huge fan of the more modern version, as it’s just too busy, but if the ladies like it then I’m good with it.

  3. Woo-hoo for another catch-up episode! I wish I had some lemonade with which to drink along. Oh wait, is there a oHOTmu drinking game? Take a drink every time someone says, “bulge”!

    Moonstone – 2-nipples o’clock!

    Ms.Marvel – With the rocky boobs, she really does need an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder!

    Northstar – I still haven’t seen anyone draw the Canadian maple leaf correctly in Alpha Flight. The closest to get it right was Byrne with his half leaf on Guardian’s costume. Come on, non-Canadian artists! Get it right!

    Polaris – I love the Emerald Empress look. I think the glowing eyes on the yellow costume were supposed to be fancy tech sunglasses lenses that the team would wear, as drawn by Kris Anka.

    Prof X – What the heck?! I didn’t know about him wearing the Phoenix costume. That looks so weird, just because it was such an iconic look for Jean Grey so the costume on anyone else, man OR woman, just looks odd.

    Pym, Hank – That is a Working Girl power shoulder jacket!

    Quasar – I’m in love with the female Quasar! The arm sleeves, the cape, the everything!

    Adam Strange – Yes! Everyone’s Canadian now!

    Amethyst – I have no snarky comments for this, I just love the ladies’ reactions. This entry brought me joy.

    Batgirl/Batwoman/Black Canary – I would be interested on what the Hot Squad thinks of any of the DC Bombshell costumes. Does that count? Or since they are out of continuity, they don’t count?

    I do enjoy these tangents to catch up on looks of characters and the oHOTmu team always delights. Well done everyone! Keep up the great drinking…..errrrr, I mean, work!

    1. Bombshells, Injustice, Elseworlds, DC One Million, Dead Earth… it’s hard enough choosing costumes from whatever continuities are meant to be the principal Earth.

  4. Siskoid, I think you credited most of my comments on the last episode to Gene. You might want to talk to that lawyer of yours before Gene files for defamation of character.

  5. I still get confused between “Professor Xavier wearing mini Cerebro on his head” and “Ultimate Reed Richards (aka The Maker) wearing a helmet to contain his stretchy, enlarged brain”

    Though I think Ultimate Reed Richards could pull off the Phoenix costume if he tried.

  6. Poor Nomad! His 90s look is pretty badass but a poor drawing of him with a tiny head ruined it all and made him a subject of mockery! Oh, the humanity! And no mention of the fact Nomad was doing the whole “roam around doing good deeds while taking care of an orphaned baby” thing long before the Mandalorian made it cool? I think the panel would’ve loved that development in his character. He also became very concerned with social Justice and evolved past being a throwback clown.

  7. After binging 234 episodes that spanned 17 years, I am finally caught up! It feels both like a great accomplishment and also the total opposite of a great accomplishment.

    This show is a lot of fun and I found myself popping in my ear buds to listen to it all the time when i was doing something that allowed me to. Running on the treadmill, doing yard work, house cleaning, cooking dinner, working at my job, attending a funeral.

    I got yelled at a lot.

    Anyway, everyone is hilarious and whip smart and silly and maybe a little gross and absurd. The edits and samples used on every episode are wonderful and all of this makes oHOTmu one of my favorite things ever. I hope we figure out more “hot or not” content to keep this going on in perpetuity.

    I also feel like I have a pretty decent handle on who will be deemed hot or not based on my extensive research which was basically listening to all these episodes in a span of a couple of months.

    Mind control stuff – not hot
    Floppy 90s hair – hot
    Mustache sucking – not hot
    Well proportioned women with real hips – hot
    Nazis – not hot
    Big burly bear Santa Claus looking guys – hot
    Characters that try too hard – not hot
    Adventurous scoundrels – hot
    Overbearing sexist guys – not hot
    Bad ass women – hot
    Backstories that are too sad – not hot
    Weird animal human hybrids that should not exist – hot

    And lastly, I’m sorry, but Professor X is wearing the hell out of that sash! You Go Prof!

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