Panel by Panel: Angle of the Bat

FW Presents: Panel by Panel, this one discussing a panel from Batman: Shadow of the Bat #13 by Alan Grant and Norm Freakin' Breyfogle! Join Siskoid and podcast newbie Brian Linton as the over-analyze this small piece of art!

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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14 responses to “Panel by Panel: Angle of the Bat

  1. Haven’t listened yet. Two comments before I do:
    1. Welcome back to Panel by Panel! This is a nice Tuesday surprise.
    2. Brian, congrats on making it to the show! I’m excited to hear your debut.

  2. Great job Brian! Welcome to the club. The first taste is free, and all that…

    Ryan and I have brought this up a lot on Knightcast, but longtime Batman colorist Adrienne Roy REALLY liked her warm hues, and I for dug it when she went outside the standard color palette for pages like this. So much more evocative than just having the standard blues, grays and blacks you would actually see in an alleyway scene like this.

    Breyfogle was a master of kinetic action and composition, and that shows through in this panel.

    Fun show!


    1. Thanks, Chris. I’ll see how long I can go before I need my next fix.

      To your point, I don’t know a lot about color theory (other than what I just googled), but I see how the warm colors of the figures against the cool color of the building helps to emphasize the action in an dynamic way. It makes me curious about how much leeway the colorist has in these matters, but I suppose that varies from book to book.

  3. Thanks for having me on the show, Siskoid, and for giving me my 20 minutes and 9 seconds in the spotlight. I apologize if I let it go to my head. I suspect that demanding you provide a life-size ice sculpture of Batman for my dressing room was probably a step too far.

    1. All rob! provided over at MASHcast was a mess tent sampler platter in the green room — which was also a tent. I’m firing my agent!

  4. This was a great panel discussion of a great panel (I miss Breyfogle) and a great debut for Brian. I wonder, though, what percentage of American comic panels in the nineties could have seen captioned, “Batman hitting someone”? For that matter, what percentage of American comics panels since 1939?

  5. Welcome back , Panel By Panel, and welcome Brian. Top job, look forward to hearing you on other shows. It’s funny, I like that panel in the context of the page, but the extracted version less so, the thinness of it, the jagged edges left by the ‘notch’. It just doesn’t please me!

    1. Thanks, Martin. This episode definitely got me thinking about panel shape and layout in ways I hadn’t before. I often get caught up in the panel content, and fail to think about the creativity that goes into the panel itself.

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