Panel by Panel: Fish Heads

Panel by Panel is back, and this time the randomizer has selected a panel from Peter Milligan's run on Shade the Changing-Man (issue 13 to be exact), with art by Chris Bachalo and Mark Pennington. Siskoid and his guest Gareth Madeley sit down across the Atlantic from one another and discuss it, proto-Vertigo and the British invasion in all their fishy details!

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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6 responses to “Panel by Panel: Fish Heads

  1. Fun discussion about a VERY strange panel. I knew the song was coming, but I appreciate it none the less. I do recall an indie comic called Fish Police in the late 80s/early 90s that got a very brief animated series on network TV. I wonder if that influenced any of this.

    I’m glad Gareth brought up Milligan’s Batman work. I really enjoyed it, and Ryan and I covered Dark Knight/Dark City on Knightcast (remember that show?). In addition to Barbathos, a psychotic Riddler challenging Batman, while murdering people to meet a pre-determined end seems somewhat in vogue now, huh?

  2. Thanks for another fun show, it’s great to hear a new voice – and a British one too! Hello Gareth! (I noticed that you kept using the surname only, Siskoid, should I stick to that?)

    I much preferred Chris Bachalo’s work here, although perhaps his own style is subsumed under Mark Pennington‘s inks. It’s just that as he found his own style, on Marvel’s mutie books, I found his compositions harder and harder to follow. It is inarguable, although, that he is a singular talent.

  3. I am a huge fan of Shade The Changing Man in all incarnations but the Milligan book is stellar.
    I will admit to being confused at first because I forgot about this interlude in #13, an issue much more about Shade struggling with the residue of Troy Grenzer, the person whose body he inhabits. So many great panels in that storyline.

    As you say, Bachalo sort of grew up on this title. When you compare Shade #1 to this issue, you can already start to see some of his current style starting to emerge. A book like Shade with completely bonkers events (like fish priests) was perfect for him to cut loose.

    Not much to add about this panel. It is odd.

    Glad the show is back and always up for another go if you ever have an empty slot!

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