Panel by Panel: Peacemaker Missile

FW Presents another episode of the newly reconceived Panel by Panel, the show that dissects a single comic book panel from the last 85 years of comics history every episode. Siskoid is joined by Rob Kelly and the randomizer hands them… Charlton’s The FIghtin’ Five #41, page 25, panel 3! Hey’ that’s a Peacemaker back-up story!

All relevant images in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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8 responses to “Panel by Panel: Peacemaker Missile

  1. Fun discussion guys. When I first saw this, I thought Lichtenstein, but then there’s the tiny image of Peacemaker flying away. Roy would have erased him in his photocop…er…painting. Don’t get me started on this millionaire swiper. I almost got kicked out of art history class for arguing against my professor for Russ Heath and Irv Novick, etc.

    I bought the Modern Comics reprint of Peacemaker #1 off the stands, and even at age 11 or so, I really dug Pat Boyette’s art, for pretty much the exact reasons Rob mentioned. Incredibly underrated artist.

    Keep ’em coming Siskoid! And I hereby publicly volunteer for a panel discussion!


  2. Thanks for a fun episode, I was just being born when this comic came out. Pat Boyette is one of those names I don’t know very well, but when I see his work it just makes me smile. This is a splendid panel, as Rob says, ripe for ripping off by Roy L. It’s interesting that he makes Peacemaker’s speed trail so blooming delicate – I see why you were thinking ‘ice skater’, Siskoid.

    I wonder if Emil Bork is related to Carl Bork, who debuted over at DC Comics in The Brave and the Bold five year’s later and eventually joined the Power Company.

    I saw loads of Charltons as a kidling, loads made it to my area. My favourites were Ghost Manor and The Many Ghosts of Dr Graves.

  3. This is a great show! Both an art analysis and a spotlight on the obscure, as long as the randomizer can keep picking out winners.

    What it reminds me of is a Jim Shooter blog where he analysed a Kirby story panel-by-panel.
    I’m not sure I buy all the stuff he attributes to the splash panel, but he is the professional.

  4. On the Arrow show, back when they were considering a superhero alias for Diggle, I always figured Peacemaker would be a good fit.

  5. I am enjoying this show! Keep it up, Siskoid! Put me on the list of potential panel-ologists. I was a guy who eschewed Charlton comics. They looked cheap, and the mechanical lettering was a real turn-off for me. I’ve read a lot of praises to these books and the creators (thanks Rip Jagger!), and I appreciate the effort that went into them, but I’m still not keen on reading much of them.
    This panel, admittedly out of context, makes it look like Peacemaker is directly responsible for destroying the air craft. That delicate line behind him indicates, in comic-book visual shorthand, his trajectory. It appears that he flew up to the jet, caused an explosion, and is casually flying away. He is not being driven by a concussion wave or any other effect of the blast. So, it’s fine for a panel, but apparently inaccurate for the story!
    The plane shows what appears to be a series of explosions, as very specific parts of the aircraft’s skin have exploded away from the plane, and other parts are destroyed entirely. A painstaking piece of illustration.
    How does the randomizer work? Do you use dice? I mean you can roll a D 12 to determine what month, but what about publisher and title. Is it determined by your collection, Siskoid? Or do you use a database like Mike’s Amazing World?

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