Panel by Panel: Winter Is Coming

On this episode of Panel by Panel! Siskoid and special guest Josée Robichaud - Art-Girl from oHOTmu OR NOT look at a peaceful panel from a French graphic novel, (trans.) Dragon Dynasty 1 - The Wrath of Ying Long (2010) by Hélène Herbeau and Emmanuel Civiello, and discuss her own artistic process and the virtues of minimalism!

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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5 responses to “Panel by Panel: Winter Is Coming

  1. Siskoid, it was both educational and a great pleasure to hear you and Josée discuss this panel and its context (both on the page and more generally). Thank you especially for including so much brilliant artwork (including Art Girl’s) in the gallery. I know it’s an unpaid labor of love for you, but if you have the time and opportunity to put up a gallery page and add more content, I’m enthusiastically in favor. This episode was a great example of why.

    I also appreciate every opportunity to hear from a member of the Hot Squad performing solo. Not only do they each have a lot to offer as individuals, it also helps me distinguish their voices.

    Regarding Tod Hilton, Super Green Beret, and the reaction the cover to #2 at work, my U.S. Army Special Forces colleagues were neither as surprised nor as chagrined as I’d hoped. Green Berets have been the subject of such a wide variety of tall tales in so many different media that Super Green Beret, as outlandish as he is, just wasn’t that surprising. They reacted with looks of confusion, questions, and finally smirks of amusement.

    *Martin, your surmise that Green Berets (more properly, U.S. Army Special Forces) are elite is correct. They work closely with local forces, which necessitates language and cultural training. Their tactical formation is a 12-person team (Operational Detachment-Alpha, or “A-Team”) ideally comprised of a captain, a warrant officer, and a variety of NCOs. In addition to prodigious training in combat and significant training in a particular language and culture, everyone up to the warrant officer has additional training in at least two other specialties. The specialty list includes medical, communications, weapons, intelligence, and engineering. One of the reasons they double up is so they can split into smaller teams. One of my daughters has explained to me that this design is not dissimilar to that of a Dungeons and Dragons questing party, but I’m sure Siskoid will have his own expert opinion.

  2. What a treat to hear you and Josée speaking with such authority, I think I learned a thing or two.

    And cheers for sharing José’s art, I’d never heard of deliberately blurred art, is there a name for the school of art? The Cateractists? It’s very clever, and impressive, nice one Josée.

    Thanks for the Green Berets infor, Captain!

  3. Loved this one.

    I wonder if I would have intuited the ‘passing of time’ nature of this panel without hearing about it.

    It was great to hear Josee (and you Siskoid) talk about art and techniques. Is printmaking part of standard Canadian art lessons in school? Or something sought out in higher education?

    As for the gallery, I like seeing the panel on that post but would love the page as well for further context clues. And thank you for including the ‘crow’ print from Josee on this episode!

    1. Printmaking is such a costly and equipment-intensive set of media that it isn’t generally taught in schools (beyond very simple print making, like stamping, I would guess). We both did print making in University. Josée has a degree in Fine Arts and I dicked around with a course or two because I was friends with the professor.

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