Panel by Panel: Probability Zero

No one thought it would be possible! An episode of Panel by Panel THIS month? Siskoid welcomes Paul Kien to talk about the very last panel from Strange Adventures #32 (March 1952), and along the way, they touch upon anthology series in general.

A clean look at the image in the Panel by Panel Supplemental.

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7 responses to “Panel by Panel: Probability Zero

  1. Interesting discussion guys. This is a very captivating panel, and I dig everything you pointed out about it. I think Siskoid makes a great point. The comic artists of the Golden and Silver Ages were competent illustrators, not just of comics, but of EVERYTHING. There was no comic industry before them for them to “fanboy” on really, outside of the comic strips, so they learned how to draw evertything they saw, and many drew them very well. They grounded the fantastical in a realism that I believe is sorely missing in many modern comics. Most current comic artists are just fans of other comic artists, or the genre itself. The “workman-like” talents of the old guard kept things, for lack of a better term, “real”.

  2. Thanks for another great episode, and what a fantastic panel. At first sight I thought it was early Carmine Infantino, but given how often Frank Giacoia worked with him, I shall forgive myself. I really like that the ‘The End’ isn’t down at the bottom where you’d usually find it, maybe it’s the story jauntily drawing our eye to the mechanics of the tale in the same way we see the mechanics of the machine.

  3. And here I thought “probability zero” meant the event in question would *never* happen. Thank you, comic-book science for setting me straight.

    Your podcast made me want to pull out the original comic from my Dad’s collection and read this story, as well as the Captain Comet one. A fun read overall.

    I also like how the red band in the final panel also denotes… a zero.

    Back to the margins…

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