Pod Dylan #171 – Dylan & The Dead


Episode 171 - Dylan & The Dead

Rob welcomes podcaster and DeadHead Nicholas Prom to discuss the 1989 live album DYLAN & THE DEAD.

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #171 – Dylan & The Dead

  1. The topic of this episode really intrigued me, because I saw the Dead (& Dylan) during this tour: in the Oakland (CA) Coliseum in the summer of 1987. It was my first Dead concert – I’d go on to see them four more times between then and early 1992. I really enjoyed the show (I’ve never not had a good time at a Dead concert), but Dylan only came on stage when it was already over half-way through, so I don’t recall being particularly impressed by his performance.
    Outside of their concerts, though, I was never really all that interested in their albums. I had a few (on cassette) and I’d generally with Nick that Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty are perhaps the best intro to their oeuvre, and arguably their best studio albums.
    Anyway, enjoyed the conversation; I never even knew about this album, and agree with your general criticisms over the paltry track list and selection of songs.

  2. I had put Dylan and the Dead at the bottom of my list of Dylan explorations, until this episode anyway. You all prompted me to give it a listen. It was worth the 40 or so minutes to listen to in Apple music, although, wow what were they thinking trying to sell as an LP or CD with just 7 songs. I think it would helped them a lot commercially to throw in at least one Dead song, they sure had room for it. Casey Jones would have gotten them into the top 20!

    Anyway, I found a few things to like, especially the nice guitar work. Really outstanding on Watchtower.

    I for one think Man Gave Names would be an awesome Dead cover, i think it would be as great as Man Smart, Woman Smarter, which is pretty great ( to an admitted non-Dead Head)

    Commercial at the close was awesome. I miss the song snippets but appreciate the other creative choices.

    Nicholas, going to give Capt Freakout a try, just downloaded episode 57 for starters. Rock on my friends!

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