Pod Dylan #179 – Soon After Midnight


Episode 179 - Soon After Midnight

Rob welcomes fellow Bobcat Stanley Sheehan to discuss "Soon After Midnight", the second track from 2012's TEMPEST.

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One response to “Pod Dylan #179 – Soon After Midnight

  1. Great show Rob and Stan! Catching up on Pod Dylan and appreciate y’alls breakdown of this one. I love the music but like a lot of his songs, have no idea what it is ‘about’- as always, Pod Dylan provides insight and grist for the mill. After another listen or two, guess I have my own understanding that falls somewhere in the neighborhood of what you all shared. Whatever the meaning, how can you not love ‘Charlotte the harlot’ and ‘two timing Slum’, so much fun to say.

    For me the strength of the song is the music and the band, always thought of Sleepwalk and assumed it was an homage to that great instrumental. Don’t know the Bobby Fuller song ‘New Shade of Blue’, but just found it in Apple music. Um, yes, Mr Fuller should be getting some royalties.

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