Pod Dylan #187 – Under The Red Sky


Episode 187 - Under The Red Sky

Rob welcomes fellow Bobcat Eric Brightman to discuss the title track to Bob Dylan's 1990 album "Under The Red Sky."

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One response to “Pod Dylan #187 – Under The Red Sky

  1. So, I went back and listened to this episode, despite not being much of a Bobcat — partly because I’ve enjoyed the Pod Dylan episodes I’ve listened to, but mostly because of the faint glimmer of hope that Crisis on Infinite Earths would come up and how awesome that would be to my little nerd brain. So I got a good chunk of the way through it and thought, “Well, Crisis isn’t going to come up, but this was enjoyable nevertheless. I regret nothing.” And then, Rob, you laid it on me. You spelled out the whole connection for all the people who listened to this and didn’t even know that people are still making comic books. God bless you, man. Good job!

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