Pod Dylan #202 – Maggie’s Farm

Rob welcomes the author of ABOUT MAN & GOD & LAW: THE SPIRITUAL WISDOM OF BOB DYLAN, Stephen Daniel Arnoff, to discuss "Maggie's Farm" from 1965's BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME.

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One response to “Pod Dylan #202 – Maggie’s Farm

  1. Rob, I’m trying to catch up on some of the podcasts I meant to comment on. The good news for you is I’m going on sparse notes and distant memory, so I can’t be too long-winded.

    I really enjoyed the discussion between you and Stephen regarding “Maggie’s Farm.” I thought Stephen’s description of scripture as immutable, but multi-faceted was exactly right. Your point about how Maggie’s family has the luxury of seeking satisfaction higher up on Maslow’s hierarchy was another keen insight. Finally, I agreed that the lyric “Tryin’ to be just like I am,” seemed to say something about the value of authenticity, especially when one is forced to be around people who are inauthentic.

    Thanks for continuing to derive value for me from fandoms I’m not even really a part of.

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