Pod Dylan #10 – Mail is Just A Four-Letter Word


Episode 10 – Mail is Just A Four-Letter Word

Rob dips into the POD DYLAN mailbag to read your feedback!

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6 responses to “Pod Dylan #10 – Mail is Just A Four-Letter Word

  1. I’m not seeking out Bod Dylan music specifically yet Rob, but you’ve got my resolve weakening. Why can’t I stop listening to this show?

  2. “Not Dark Yet” has grown on me.

    It’s not something I’d throw on for a feel-good marathon, to be sure. But it’d be up there with the bluesy songs that are delicious to sing on a cold, rainy day. Also appeals to my love of somewhat obscure folksy songs that instantly bond you to others who know it — kinda like many of the songs of the Travellin’ Wilburys and “Road to Hell” by Chris Rea.

    Reminds me of The Band’s “The Weight”, with that vague sense of something else going on below the surface of the lyrics, and the strong, reliable verse and refrain bringing you towards an inevitable conclusion.

  3. So, by leaving a comment on the Feedback episode, does that guarantee that this comment will be read on the next Feedback episode? If so, “Bob Rules!” I’d also like to leave a message for Future Dan: Don’t forget your sister’s birthday on the 23rd. (Don’t worry about the month. I’ll remember it when I hear this.) Plus, your passport needs renewing.

  4. I’m not a huge Dylan fan but…

    Sorry. Had to do it.

    I’m really glad you are getting such great feedback Rob. You’re doing the Bob’s work, converting us heathens over to him.


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