Pod Dylan #103 – Tweeter and the Monkey Man


Episode 103 - Tweeter and the Monkey Man

Rob welcomes two of his favorite people, podcasters Dean Compton and Emily Scott, to discuss the po-faced mini-epic "Tweeter and the Monkey Man", the penultimate song from TRAVELING WILBURYS VOL. 1.

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #103 – Tweeter and the Monkey Man

  1. Thrilled you covered this song finally!!!

    My favorite song on the 1st TW album, and a stunningly concise narrative in verse. Dylan’s vocals, especially the edge and relish with which he sings “I knew him long before he we ever became a Jersey girl” really sells the unfolding drama of the story.

    And contrary to the opinions raised, I’d argue there IS a story in this song, one worthy of a Coen brothers movie.

  2. This was a delightful listen! Emily and Dean were really fun! I remember hearing this song on the radio, but I never listened carefully. As Rob was reciting the lyric, I thought “This sounds like Bruce Springsteen stuff!” Your talk about the imagery of the gambling den inspired me to write a couplet while waiting at a red light. If I develop it, I may have a song Dylan-based, Springsteen-influenced result!

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