Pod Dylan #12 – Buckets of Rain


Episode 12 - Buckets of Rain

Rob and guest Michael Bradley (SUPERMAN BATMAN PODCAST) discuss "Buckets of Rain", the final song on 1975's BLOOD ON THE TRACKS. Plus, Rob shares some thoughts on the new Dylan album, FALLEN ANGELS.

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MICHAEL BRADLEY: http://www.greatkrypton.com
E-MAIL: firewaterpodcast@comcast.net
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6 responses to “Pod Dylan #12 – Buckets of Rain

  1. Congratulations on all the traffic to your Bobcast Rob. I guess the network will change to be The Pod Dylan Network soon.

  2. Great episode, Rob. Always enjoy hearing Michael Bradley on a podcast, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the new album.

  3. Let’s revisit your thoughts of this latest album in a year’s time or after his next album. Curious about how you’ll feel about it then.

  4. Michael Bradley…where you been man? There are tons of World’s Finest comics waiting for you to talk about them!

    Great show. Of course, we know that, because the ratings have spoken. And now we all have been handed official Fire & Water notices that we are to launch new music-based podcasts PRONTO. Ryan’s fast-tracking the My Chemical Romance podcast, I’ve got my Jerry Reed show in the works. Shag’s doing Spandau Ballet, and Siskoid is probably doing some French-Canadian musician most of us ‘Mericans have never heard of. Although maybe it’s about Ann Murray or something. Coming soon!!!


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