Pod Dylan #13 – I’ll Remember You


Episode 13 - I'LL REMEMBER YOU

Rob welcomes back fellow Dylan obsessive Jon Glyn to talk about "I'll Remember You" from 1985's EMPIRE BURLESQUE.

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4 responses to “Pod Dylan #13 – I’ll Remember You

  1. The fact that Dylan survived such a disastrous pairing with an unfit producer is just another feather in his cap. I think every major recording act has been through it though. Often times, they never really recover, though.

    It’s funny to think someone like Kurt Loder praised this at the time, considering it’s status amongts Dylan-philes.


    1. Ha! That’s one way too look at it Chris. It really is too bad, the songs on the album are quite strong but man some of them are unlistenable in their released form. Gadzooks. Thanks for listening!

  2. One interesting clue as to just how meaningful this song is to Bob can be seen in the ‘Hard to Handle’ video. There’s a medium close up from the side and you can see a tear failing down his right cheek. Shortly after the camera angle switches to a front shot and he’s clearly choked up. Watch.

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