Pod Dylan #140 – Never Say Goodbye


Episode 140 - Never Say Goodbye

Rob welcomes fellow Bobcat Daniel Stedman to discuss "Never Say Goodbye", from 1974's PLANET WAVES.

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #140 – Never Say Goodbye

  1. Great to hear someone talking about Planet Waves in such glowing terms. My family first got a record player in 1970, I was 14 and as such couldn’t afford to buy LPs, so it was singles only until I got a job. I started working in ´73 and considered long and hard what my first album purchase should be. Then Planet Waves was released, knowing only the radio-popular Dylan stuff I took a bit of a gamble and took the plunge. As it was my only album at the time I played it to death and got to know it intimately, I still love it to this day and can’t understand why, Forever Young excepted, it is such a neglected work.

    You’re beautiful beyond words….Johnny

    PS The second album I bought was On The Beach by Neil Young, another classic I think you’ll agree.

  2. I remember my musical journey vividly. It was (starting at age 13) “Simpsons Sing the Blues” > Eagles > The Doors > Janis Joplin > deep dive into Jefferson Airplane > Phish > Grateful Dead… with a little bit of Eddie Vedder thrown in… then a shift into Nina Simone / Lou Reed / John Lennon / The Beatles… Always a little Charlie Parker / Max Roach / assorted bop (mostly WGBH Boston or Phil Schaap in NYC) … then there was the Waylon Jennings/ Townes Van Zandt period…. a lot of WFMU sprinkled throughout… then at age 35 I finally ‘got’ Bruce Springsteen!… and throughout all of it Bob Dylan. Usually one obsessed album after another. Desire > Blood on the Tracks > Planet Waves. Faves off Planet Waves are Going, Going, Gone / Hazel / and… of couse… NEVER SAY GOODBYE.

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