Pod Dylan #147 – Moonlight


Episode 147 - Moonlight

Rob welcomes fellow Bobcat Nick Travaglini to discuss the gentle "Moonlight", from 2001's LOVE AND THEFT.

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One response to “Pod Dylan #147 – Moonlight

  1. Hey Rob, great show as ever. Hadn’t listened to Moonlight for a while, you and Nick really opened my eyes on this unheralded gem.

    With regard to “Make you feel my love”, for me this is that desperate feeling perhaps we’ve all had when we feel the object of our desire is unattainable or drifting away, and we think, what the heck can I do to “Make” her feel my love, as if that’ll solve everything and bring her back. This unrequited feeling of bleakness imo elevates the song above the average “cheesy romantic ballad” as per Adele’s comment.

    Couple of possible questions for episode 150.

    1. What do you think of Bobby Neuwirth in the Dylan saga? Trusty but less talented sidekick to Dylan in the mid-sixties, sycophantic support for his mean-spirited inner circle, master of the cutting comment (Eg to Joan Baez in Dont Look Back) OR source of inspiration for the classic mid sixties songs (as I believe he himself has claimed), unsung visionary whose corralling together of the motley band of Rolling Thunder musicians was fundamental to that legendary tour, and sympathetic shoulder to cry on (as Miss Baez said of him on that same ‘65 tour!). A conflicting figure indeed.

    2. What’s your favourite of the Gospel trilogy of 3 very different sounding albums?

    Looking forward to episode 150, I sat in on Laura and Robs Christmas party, could hardly believe I was in the presence of so many Dylan stalwarts!

    All the best, Dave

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