Pod Dylan #155 – Who Is Bob Dylan?


Episode 155 - Who is Bob Dylan?

Rob welcomes back Bobcat Mike Jamison and his son, 9 year old Xander Jamison, to discuss the 2013 children's biography WHO IS BOB DYLAN?

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5 responses to “Pod Dylan #155 – Who Is Bob Dylan?

  1. What a terrific episode! For a Bob newbie, this book sounds like a great primer. And what I wouldn’t give to have Xander’s confidence & fearlessness! You guys need to get him signed up to the Network stat!

    1. Thanks Chris! As his father, I’d like to say he gets all his confidence and fearlessness from me, but that would be untrue, he’s my role model and hero. Thanks again for the compliments, they have been passed on!

  2. Thanks for another great episode, with a great pair guests.

    I believe my daughter has outgrown the Who is…? books, at least she hasn’t bought one in quite a while, but she still has a couple of books from the series sitting on her bookshelf. Sadly, I don’t think she ever got Bob’s book, but I am glad to hear that it passes muster.

  3. This was a great hour of Dylan talk, loved it. Thank you Jamison’s! Hope you all make a return visit to share your first father son concert of the never ending tour

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