Pod Dylan #156 – Simple Twist of Fate


Episode 156 - Simple Twist of Fate

Rob welcomes music journalist Stephanie Hernandez to discuss "Simple Twist of Fate", the second track on 1975's BLOOD ON THE TRACKS.

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One response to “Pod Dylan #156 – Simple Twist of Fate

  1. Another great guest, and great show. Appreciate Stephanie’s researched and thoughtful insights!

    I always took this song pretty much at face value, thinking of it as a pretty straightforward narrative of a down and out protagonist thinking back to a random encounter that left a lasting impact, at on least for the narrator if not for the object of affection, which again I took literally as the same lady of the evening on all of the verses. Yall’s discussion, as is usually the case, helped me see how Dylan was probably up to so much more. There is always more with Bob!

    For that reason, i love the idea of your covering songs more than once. Different guests, and time and repeated listenings will provide different thoughts and perspectives and angles to examine the material. Also, many of us didn’t get on board for a while so the second time for you will be the first for us

    With that, back to the archive to download your earlier episode on the song and add it to my overflowing backlog of podcasts!

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