Pod Dylan #159 – All The Tired Horses


Episode 159 - All The Tired Horses

Rob welcomes mezzo-soprano Amy Maude Helfer to discuss the inscrutable "All The Tired Horses", the opening track from 1970's SELF PORTRAIT.

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4 responses to “Pod Dylan #159 – All The Tired Horses

  1. I listened to Self Portrait on iTunes for the first time a few weeks ago. When I heard this song I thought it was a mistake, a misdirected link. Then i thought what the heck is this, its not even a song? What is this? Who is this? Why is this!! So many questions!

    I am so excited to see this episode pop up in my feed this morning I had to comment even before listening. Looking forward to getting some answers!

  2. Back to say- great show! Thank you for picking this one Amy! Once again, learned plenty and had a great time listening. I like the idea of looking at this as an overture. Appreciate hearing the beautiful singing and playing!

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