Pod Dylan #16 – Abandoned Love


Episode 16 - Abandoned Love

Rob welcomes fellow Dylan fan PATRICK BUTLER to discuss the song"Abandoned Love", an outtake from the 1970s which finally surfaced on the 1985 set BIOGRAPH.

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5 responses to “Pod Dylan #16 – Abandoned Love

  1. Great episode with a very knowledgeable guest! Too bad he’s forever banned from the show for besmirching the late great George Harrison! Bonus banishment for the additional jab at Paul Rodgers!

    1. Dave,Hey man,I loved you’re “Sugar Baby” episode.I would never dis the Quiet One-just that version of a great Dylan song. And you know,really,it’s all Jeff Lynne fault! Paul Rodgers…uh,sorry,but BC had two good songs and he is not Freddie Mercury! Still,thanks for the feedback.I love this pod!!!

          1. Jeff Lynne erased audio tracks and re-recorded simpler versions? 😉

            I like some of Lynne’s production work, but there’s often a sameness that creeps in. When everyone begins to sound like ELO, you’re in trouble.


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